The Wharf Waterfront area in Southwest is ready to become a spot for DC to meet. Courtesy of Wikimedia

By Daniela Sol

This month, a new area called The Wharf opened in Washington, DC. This new hangout in the city by the Potomac has opened with a selection of restaurants, shops, markets and much more! The District Wharf is meant to take advantage of the water landmark the District has the opportunity to be next to, the Potomac River.

This new area is rapidly growing and developing its own culture and spice. With a market that has all the best seafood from around the area, to local retailers that are bringing their business into the spot, The Wharf has aspirations to become a great hangout in the District. From its website, “The Wharf is reestablishing Washington, DC, as a waterfront city and destination. This remarkable, mile-long stretch along the Potomac River is coming to life with restaurants, retailers, residences, and businesses—all complemented by monumental views and a vibrant culture.”

The area has a selection of great seafood restaurants, off course, but it also has other various cuisines to offer. With a selection of over ten gourmet restaurants you can enjoy from Caribbean food, to Italian, to French, to American. Plus, there are great cafes and ice cream shops for a coffee or dessert after eating. There are also various options for after work drinks, boozy Sunday brunches, or just a place to hang out with friends and enjoy a beer.

Concept stores are also found all around The Wharf, with various local artisan stores opening. From clothing stores to a basic CVS, this newly added area to the city has options to satisfy any shopping needs. The retail stores include art shops, clothing stores, fine wine and liquor stores, markets, home décor, and more.

This is also a place full of Washingtonian history. The Southwest Waterfront was settled by Native Americans who fished and farmed along the shores of the Potomac and Anacostia rivers. It was later claimed by the famous, Captain John Smith in 1608. DC’s designer L’Enfant planned the city’s layout with the purpose of DC to be a maritime center with the Southwest as its main anchor place. Today, designers wanted to take this space back and develop it to the modern urban space it’s becoming.
One of its main attractions, The Main Avenue Fish Market, has technically operated here since 1805 selling fish and other goods. After 50 years since its last renovation, the Southwest waterfront has now become The Wharf and is slowly but steadily becoming a new up and coming urban development.

The Wharf hosts events and activities as well. This weekend it will be hosting a Pumpkin Palooza, for example, involving pumpkin bowling, a pumpkin pie–eating contest, a Halloween costume contest for pets, live music, and fall brews in its Waterfront Beer & Wine Garden. Consider visiting DC’s newest addition this weekend located in Southwest Washington, DC.


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