Bryce Harper has missed out on a World Series once again. –  Courtesy of Grantland

An Ode to Sad Nationals Fans

I’m oh so sorry, I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news.
Right now, I would not want to be in a Nationals player’s shoes.

I mean, DC Sports aren’t bad. In the regular season you do quite well.
But when it comes time for the playoffs, it’s like you’re damned to hell.

First the Redskins, then the Wizards, and now the poor Nationals,
I would say God put a curse on you, but I think that sounds irrational.

Yeah, they won the division, but when October rolls around,
the Nationals never find themselves in the second playoff round.

Sure, the Nats may have good players with red helmets and scruffy beards,
but it seems they are never the ones in the clubhouse with champagne and beers.

I guess you could say the Cubs’ win is all thanks to Harper’s Swing,
I guess ‘17 isn’t the year Bryce wears a championship ring.

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