From The Tower staff: 

The last couple of weeks has reminded the Tower staff that students should keep themselves informed about the happenings of this university. We are constantly barraged with tweets, emails, and messages to our inboxes and minds, and some items of news inevitably slip through the mental cracks. It’s a great thing that we have this ease of access to so many great and informative things going on around Catholic, but without the right communication, important messages can get lost in the shuffle. This is the case for a couple of current things happening on our campus right now. One example should encourage us to inform ourselves before a student body referendum sneaks up on us. And the other is news the students should have been notified of, but instead another reminder to stay inquisitive and ask questions.

An impending referendum vote will soon get a gauge on student interest in a WMATA sponsored initiative allowing for unlimited Metro ridership for a fee added onto tuition. The idea sounds wonderful to the ears — one tiny fee tacked onto this small chunk of change we already pay to attend the school for unlimited Metro riding? Sign me up! But the numbers behind the potential deal may tack on a sum of money not worth one’s Metro riding, and make it not beneficial to enough of the student body. That is exactly why the school is presenting information sessions on the topic. See our article about it this week, and become an informed decision maker.

A walk to Leahy’s computer lab might surprise the student accustomed to late nights and reliable printing there these days. The lab is closed, under construction until further notice. An email update will be sent to students when progress is made and opened back again. The backup printing labs do serve the same purpose to a lesser degree, but this communication should have been made to the students. Especially to many student leaders on campus – Orientation Advisors, Resident Assistants, Resident Ministers, and more who helped out with orientation this year for the new class of students. They undoubtedly received the “where can I/my son or daughter print at school” question. One of the most common orientation questions was not given a 100% accurate answer this year because of lack of communication. To Leahy lab, a speedy recovery, to the students, stay informed!

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