by Alex Huntley, Class of 2019
what’s the point of existence
when I’m pitted against the resistance
mud sucks up to my knees
I slipped down the rabbit hole in a squeeze
darkness crushed me under
too far down to hear the thunder
away from a three dimensional world
a new form of depth unfurled
and resonated from deep within
somehow amplified from every shot of gin
radiating from my soul
it was taking away all my control
I was stretched across the line
bound down with twine
which side is reality which side is dream
how much louder can I scream
deep within this void
I am far from overjoyed
lost beneath the surface
I’ve lost all sense of purpose
shovels transform into stars
they cut me open making new scars
rivers dry to dust
my mind is covered in rust
with my thoughts on repeat
I accepted my defeat

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