1. The freshman who has never gone to school with the opposite sex and is suddenly opened to a whole new world.
2. The insanely preppy girl who wears pearls just to go to the Pryz.
3. The hardcore Catholic who goes to mass every day and prays before every meal (even in the Pryz…as if that will make it taste better).
4. The senior who has no idea what they’re doing after graduation and will give you a chilling look if you even bring up the topic.
5. The politics major who is fully convinced that they will be a U.S. Senator one day and treats every social event as a networking opportunity.
6. The psychology/nursing major who will diagnose you with a litany of mental illnesses or diseases based off of their intro level courses.
7. The overly patriotic College Republican who has every American flag accessory imaginable.
8. The overambitious freshman who is involved in at least a dozen different student orgs.
9. The student athlete who takes D3 sports a little too seriously.
10. The person who studied abroad last semester and suddenly thinks they have an accent now. (Not how that works, bud.)

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