McMahon is wearing a button down shirt, khakis, and Oxford shoes, checking his stock portfolio every two seconds. He’s that person that always reminds you how much money he has.
The Pryz is the most popular kid on campus. Literally everyone is hanging out with him and his roommate Murphy. He isn’t the best cook on campus, but knows how to make that one thing that is extremely satisfying when you’re drunk.
Aquinas is sitting in Starbucks wearing a blazer with elbow patches and wire-framed glasses and is always found drinking a coffee. They say they drink it black but really they dump half of the coffee in the trashcan and fill the rest of the cup with milk.
Opus is a sophomore who knows where all of the parties are at. She has a highly selective group of friends that only the luckiest of students can break into. Opus is probably on academic probation for being written up one too many times for underage drinking.
Flather is wearing a pastel Vineyard Vines shirt, salmon shorts, and boat shoes. He is the closest thing to a frat boy that CUA will ever know. He probably has just gotten written up for forgetting to sign out his girlfriends Ryan and Reagan before curfew.
O’Boyle is always alone because no one likes him. He’s very good-looking and highly underrated. Also, he’s a good person to talk to when you need someone to listen.
Leahy is the smartest kid in your class who you only pay attention to when you need the study guides. She also has a printer in her room that always comes in handy at midnight before a big paper is due.

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