Burgers Galore at Red Apron


by Daniela Sol

There is no denying that D.C. has mastered the art of crafting great burgers. On nearly every street, it’s guaranteed there’s a spot where you can find a juicy burger. At the same time, D.C. has become a place where healthy eating and organic produce have become central to the city’s culture. All restaurants search for a way to advertise the fact that their ingredients are local and recipes are gluten free. Here’s where the crafty Dupont Circle
restaurant, Red Apron Burger Bar, manages to combine both.
The restaurant’s chef, Nathan Anda, has managed to keep meat lovers as well as the environmentally conscious happy and most importantly, healthy! Anda’s restaurant has a unique detail that has become very hard for any patty chef to claim: it can tell you where all its ground beef originated.
The chef uses beef from Virginia. One burger’s beef comes from Black Angus cattle fattened on grass and grain, and another from Ancient White Park cattle raised exclusively on a grass diet.
According to The Washington Post, most beef experts and lovers are not fascinated with the idea of only grass fed cows; they claim that the meat tastes better when the cow is fed grains. A diet of only greens makes the beef taste “gamy” and “less buttery” than regular ground beef.
Yet, the newspaper also claimed that once you tried Red Apron Burger Bar’s burgers, “it’s like training your palate to shift from Yellow Tail wine to fine French Burgundies.”
Despite the green take on a meaty burger, the place itself does not at all feel like the savage, lumberjack, meat-lover, burger establishment you expect to find. Although serving “junk food” is what the place does in a sense, the space has been lightened and decorated in a way that you don’t feel junky at all.
The combination of clever aesthetics and green produce has created a different experience when enjoying a burger.
Anda has managed to transform a guilty pleasure into a well-deserved delight. The options are countless in this burger joint. You can order anything from double stacked to even triple stacked burgers and there’s also a vegetarian option. The vegetarian option’s patty is made with mushrooms, cashews, and rice. The regular burgers include classics like onion and pickles, plus favorites like avocado and chimichurri. There’s also a chicken patty which is marinated with yogurt with whipped  feta and harissa mayo.
All the burger options plus all the great reviews should be enough to get on the Red Line to Dupont Circle and go try this burger paradise. They also offer a variety of sandwiches if you’re not a burger person, but it is a definite must try when living in D.C. Prices range from $3.75 to $14.35.

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