Program Board Hosts Mr. CUA 2017

by Chris Motola
      Last Friday, hundreds of Catholic University of America students poured into the Great Room of the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center, to get a front row seat for Mr. CUA 2017. Students were especially excited for the event, since the theme for this year’s competition was based off of the hit ABC television show, ‘The Bachelor’. In keeping with the theme, the Great Room was decorated with red curtains and bright lights, as well as a limousine facade and stage. As the lights dimmed, students greeted the show’s two hosts, seniors Spencer Tripp and Brie Zschech, with a loud round of applause.

      The show featured eight contestants: Owen Salyers, Chris Mulcahey, Christian McCarren, Finbar Furey, Alex Davis, Andrew Anderson, PJ Connolly, and Jackson Etting, all vying for the coveted title of Mr. CUA. The show began with the contestants introducing themselves and displaying a unique talent. These talents ranged from musical numbers and stand up comedy to pancake cooking. Over the course of the evening, the contestants also had to compete in a pie eating contest and a race to see who could blow the largest bubble using a single piece of bubblegum. All of these feats were carefully observed by the watchful eyes at the judge’s table. The panel of judges this year consisted of Mr. Chris Hodes, Associate Director of Pryzbyla Management, Ms. Emmjolee Mendoza Waters, Associate Director of Campus Ministry and Community Service, and Catholic University Alumni Victor David who currently works at Catholic University and has previously held the title of Mr. CUA during his time as an undergraduate student.
      After each round of lip synching, talent displays, and other activities, the student audience was able to vote for the contestant they thought should win the round using an app called VoxVote.
      After much deliberation from the judges and votes from the audience, senior politics major Chris Mulcahey was crowned the victor, earning the title of Mr. CUA 2017.
      Meg Reilly and Meghan Adams of Catholic University’s Program Board coordinated Mr. CUA. In a statement for The Tower, Program Board told us that they were proud of Reilly and Adams’ efforts, which began in October.
“They put in so much of their own interests into the show, while planning the event through the perspective of a CUA student attending the event,” said Rania Abousleiman, a senior nursing major and Program Board Member. Abousleiman went on to say, “Mr. CUA is my favorite program board event because it’s unique compared to some of our other events. And of course, the students really enjoy themselves!”

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