Let’s Be Honest, the SAGA Continues


By Antoinette Cea

Last year so many students were excited about the new student government. It was supposed to be a fresh new start, allowing the new and upcoming classes to add their flare to CUA’s political facade. However, how much has really changed?

Bluntly, the voting too peculiar, the Executive Board is dating each other, and it seems that most members run their views on petty arguments and grudges. Let’s be honest, no one will remember the petty nonsense except those involved ten years down the road while they’re banging their heads against their desks at some dingy law firm.

I do think President Anne St. Amant made a mistake in vetoing the Metro initiative. However, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. SGA’s lack of gumption or grace with criticism is honestly appalling. If one decides to take a role in leadership, expect criticism. I was recently blocked on Twitter by SGA for speaking out. SGA decides to block those students which it claims to represent when they speak out? Imagine if this was a different time and the politics of SGA actually mattered? I might find myself locked away in a dungeon somewhere because I hurt someone’s feelings. Oh, heaven forbid someone disagrees with a politician!

I certainly hope that whoever winds up winning the next election changes something, or has some positive effect here at CUA. Whatever happened to just helping the students out? Why does everything need to be so official? Why does the Executive Board prance around calling each other “Mr.” or Ms.” when we’re all supposed to be peers? A student government can do so much good for a campus community. When will we have that here at CUA? Now, that’s not to say we haven’t seen great things this past semester. “In Their Own Words” was phenomenal, but that was ONE event. Hell, the Executive Board didn’t even show up to “Dress to Express,” but that’s all water under the bridge. There is so much potential, yet little to show for it.

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