Students Prepare for Snowstorm Jonas


By Maria Rodriguez

In anticipation of this weekend’s blizzards, students at Catholic University are readying to suit up, stock up, and stay warm. They are also readying themselves to have fun.

“I live in the area…I do want to go to the snowball fight in Dupont, Saturday, so that’s definitely on top of my list, and of course catching up on homework, I haven’t done much” said Emmanuel Montesa, freshman Politics and Economics double major.

“I’m probably not going to do anything, what I normally do every weekend besides like doing homework, because that’s what a good student does” said Tommy Stack, freshman Drama major.

This Saturday’s snowball fight, because of the projected blizzard conditions, has been rescheduled for Sunday morning 10 a.m. at the Dupont Circle fountain. The snowball fight is organized by the D.C. Snowball Fight Association (DCSFA). Launched during 2010’s “Snowmageddon,” DCSFA has increased in size every year. The first snowball fight of 2014 took place on the National Mall, with reporters from multiple publications, including the United Kingdom’s The Guardian, showing up to cover the event.

Groceries are on the top of the list as well, with the Pryz having limited opening hours this weekend; students have been encouraged by parents and teachers alike to fill their shelves with emergency foodstuffs. So where are students getting their edibles from?

“I went to Target this morning,” said Montesa.

“I had emergency groceries dropped off to me via my Mom,” said Stack.

Others have planned a little more for the weekend.

“We’re actually going to have a brunch with my roommates and stuff. We’re going to get Bailey’s mimosas and stuff and have kind of a big brunch on Saturday and get snowed in. It’s gonna be sick,” said Ben North, junior Psychology major. North and his friends have gone to great lengths to prepare for any possible emergencies.

“We’re expecting power to go out, so we’re also getting a generator,” said North.

The University has decided to cancel classes after 12 p.m. today due to the arrival of tonight’s storm. The Metro will suspend service after 11 p.m. Friday until Sunday night, when the storm is forecasted to move on. The remnants of the storm will linger. To be announced: whether or not we’ll have to roll out of bed to make the trek to classes Monday.

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