Statement from SGA President Anne St. Amant


The Student Government Association would like to assure fellow students that we hear everything you all are saying and have, and will continue to, advocate on your behalf. The events that occurred on December 8th and 9th have affected all of us, and your student government understands that there are many concerns and frustrations that have been raised from these events. We want you to know that we have been in communication with University administrators, where we voiced such concerns and frustrations. To that end, we will continue to challenge University administrators on the same principle on which James and I ran—transparency. I was confused and even frightened, when I first saw several MPD officers outside the backside of the Pryzbyla Center, and even more so, when I received the phone call from the University that informed us to shelter in place. I had to rely, like many of you, on social media and unsubstantiated statements from friends on what was happening during both nights. This is something that we will have a conversation about with administrators—how to better communicate information during emergency situations like the ones we experienced this week. I am obligated to speak for each and every one of you and to inform university officials of your concerns, frustrations, thoughts, praises, and thanks. I will continue to do this. I will continue to work with University administrators, the Department of Public Safety, and you all, my peers, in order to ensure that we are informed and able to live on this campus without the slightest sense of fear. Through all of this, I do want to thank the Department of Public Safety, the Metropolitan Police Department, and other University officials and administrators for their dedication to providing a safe campus atmosphere.

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