Following the recent attacks in Paris, Belgium, and countless areas of the Middle East, America is faced with the tough decision of whether to allow Syrian refugees in American boarders.

The United States is constantly reminded of the wrong decision made when deciding not to allow Jewish refugees on American soil to escape the Holocaust.

However, America is plagued by the memory of incidents such as 9/11 and now Paris.

America had the same fear a few generations back with the Soviet Union. Countless Americans lost their jobs and livelihoods by being accused of being Communist.

Anyone on social media, especially Facebook, can see how conflicted Americans feel about the Syrian refugee debate.

Many argue that Americans should be more focused on helping our homeless veterans, or that ISIS might use the immigration of the Syrian refugees to sneak terrorists into our boarders.

Others follow the word of Pope Francis, and argue that Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph were refugees and denying safety to those in need is anti-Christian.

At a place like Catholic University, balancing faith and patriotism is not always easy.

Thiry-one governors have already stated they will not welcome refugees. How can Americans balance the integral quality of being the melting pot while ensuring safety to American lives?

America may be conflicted on the Syrian refugee conflict, however, as Americans, we cannot allow this to tear us apart. The governors, the House of Representatives, and even President Obama cannot agree on a “good” system to handle the refugees. Without our leaders uniting, how can the regular citizens?
The Editorial Board at The Tower has many different opinions. One agreed truth, however, is that there are many innocent people in need of safety, shelter and compassion.

The next few months and decisions made by the United States will matter heavily for future generations.
Whichever decision is made by our government in regards to the Syrian refugees
will scar the future, for better or for worse. To some, we are preventing the next Holocaust. To others, we are allowing the greatest Trojan Horse in all of history onto our soil.

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