Homecoming 2015

By Marjan Koffa

The Edward J. Pryzbyla lobby quickly filled up as crowds gathered from various areas on campus to hear Program Board’s programming chair, Jenai Bell announce this years homecoming court. Before the announcement of the nomination began, a brief overview of all the events for the week was read. As Bell read the nominees from a stage in front of the second floor banister, each student came forth as their name was called. Nominees were then handed a badge that said “CU nominee”, their title and name. More congratulations were in order as balloons dropped from the Pryzbyla top floor and students applauded their fellow classmates on their big news.

Everyone was eager to hear themselves called to receive their nomination but also eager to make it on time to class as 12:40 slowly approached the clock.

This was the first event of the week that was coordinated by Program Board to kick off Cardinal Week, The Catholic University of America’s version of Homecoming Week. The Homecoming Court is a popular tradition that many students at Catholic University participate in. However, this year, the court got a new spin on things as Program Broad decided to make it inclusive to all students by selecting three males and females from each class. Ultimately, one male and female from each class will win the crown. Homecoming court was not the only exciting event taking place this week.

On Tuesday, Program Board held Catholic University’s first seafood broil to be hosted by a student organization. The event took place on the Edward J. Pryzbyla lawn and was a success as 458 heads showed up for an estimated 300-student event. A variety of foods were displayed including crawfish, shrimp potatoes, corn, pie, burgers, hush puppies and drinks, to name a few. The seafood was broiled on site, which allowed for very fresh food. The Broil also appeared on the District of Columbia’s snap chat story three times.

“The seafood broil was something different and an event that we rarely have on campus, I think that’s it was so successful”, said Meghan Adams, Digital Marketing Chair for Program board.
The Catholic University’s oldest tradition, tug of war, took place on the Edward J. Pryzbyla Patio on Wednesday. The event used to take place between the freshman and sophomore classes at a near by retirement home, over lake, where the objective was to get the other team in the water. Program Board also handed out flyers and discounts for Brookland Night Out from neighborhood restaurants for students to enjoy.

Yesterday, the Pryzbyla patio was decorated for the Pep Rally that included beer can chicken, trail mix desert bar, and Catholic University’s first ever Lip Dub, a lip syncing music video that promotes school spirit. All clubs and organizations were encouraged to be apart in efforts to showcase Cardinal spirit. It was also voting day, where students were able to vote for their favorite nominee on nest, a male and female in their class and a male and female senior as well.

Tonight is the Homecoming dance, hosted by Campus Ministry on the Law School Atrium. Tomorrow, there will be a tailgate at 10 on the DuFour Parking Lot. The crowing of the court will be held at the football games half time. And later, that night a bon fire will take place on Opus lawn and be hosted by Residence Life.

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