Larger Class Size Appeals to Many at Catholic University


By Joseph D’Antonio

This year’s freshman class is the largest class since 2010.
The Class of 2019 has 910 students, which is a 9.6% increase from last year’s freshman class according to the Admissions Department. The Admission Department states that admissions requirements remain at usual levels.
The average SAT test sore for admitted students is 1130 and takes into account both the math and critical reading sections of the SATs.
“We still have our average range,” said Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Thaddeus Green. “We even have a larger membership in our honors program, so it’s not like we just opened the flood gates.”
According to, Catholic University admitted 4,703 of the 6,363 students who applied last year, making the admitted students rate 73.9%. Last year’s freshman class size, this year’s sophomore class, was only 832.
“I think it is the on-campus activities and on-site events that contribute to the class size. We had a record turnout for admitted student’s day and I think that contributes to having a large class size,” said Green.
Just as important as the percentage of admitted students is how many students choose to continue attending the University. According to, only 82% of freshman return to the Catholic University as sophomores.

Furthermore, only 67% of freshman graduate in six years. For comparison, American University only admits 46% of applicants, according to, and 89% of freshman return as sophomores. 82% of students at American University graduate in six years.
“We do our best to admit students who will come as freshman and matriculate through to senior year, but our main job is just to get students in, what happens after is handled by the rest of the University,” said Green.
In general, Green is happy with the incoming class size and believes it is a sign of good things to come for the school.
“I think it is a great thing that we have such a large freshman class size. It was a team effort from everyone here at the admissions department. I think the fact that we have the largest class size since 2010 is a sign of things to come for the University as we expand and grow,” said Green.
Though positivity abounds about the class of 2019, outside sources are more critical. The US News and World ranking dropped Catholic University from #116 to #123 in their overall college rankings.
Students, however, are generally positive toward the larger class size.
“I would rather have more people here,” said sophomore Social Work major, Dave Barry.  “I think raising CUA to a Notre Dame-size school would be legendary. Who knows, if we get bigger people might start showing up to the football games.”
As the year continues, time will tell if this new larger class size is a trend or an anomaly. Hopefully, the University’s new students will continue their educations here and 2019 will see 910 successful graduates.e

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