“Coffee Breaks, Flower Shoppes, and Delayed Trains”


By Alex Huntley

Class of 2019, Studio Art

I see the pain within your eyes,
When you speak of that day,
We all do,
I know we will never forget,
We carry the memories every day,
Of all who died,
And the stories of the ones who somehow escaped,
Coffee breaks, flower shoppes, and delayed trains,
Destiny at its finest,
For good always comes from evil,
Though it may be hard to see,
And by god I wish it never occurred,
Too much loss for a nation,
But we are stronger than we think,
Though I was only four at the time,
And I knew not what had happened,
I could feel that something was wrong,
There was a difference in the air,
I swear this day is printed forever in our minds,
The day the towers fell,
Two thousand and one, on the eleventh of September.


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