Apps for Everyone: The Best Apps to Have on Your Phone

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By Kat Kaderabek 

In today’s world, cell phones are practically a necessity. Over of the entire world possesses a cell phone. While the effects of mobile devices can surely be debated, especially regarding social media, there are several other apps that can have a beneficial effect in a person’s everyday life. 

For organization, Evernote is a great tool to keep anyone put together and on time. The app integrates other platforms such as Google and Microsoft applications. It also allows for document scanning, turning one’s phone into a personal copy machine. It also allows users to organize their notes in a creative, adaptive way. The basic plan for Evernote is free for all, but it does include two larger premium plans that cost $7.99 and $14.99 per month.  

Forbes called it “a powerful tool that can help executives, entrepreneurs and creative people capture and arrange their ideas. All you have to do is use it.” 

For sleeping, Sleep Cycle is a great app that tracks the essentials of a person’s sleep cycle. The app works best when a phone is left on the bed overnight while a person sleeps. It tracks the person’s sleep cycle, measuring when a person enters R.E.M. sleep. Their website even shows which country snores the most. It is an amusing and also necessary app in terms of health and wellness. Instead of a simple alarm clock, the app also offers a setting which wakes a person up after a sustainable amount of sleep in an effort to avoid the groggy and slumped feelings under or over sleeping evokes. 

For positive thoughts, Eternal Sunshine provides users with daily quotes and reflections that help alleviate stress and strengthen the mind. These messages pop up randomly and range from pieces of advice to self-affirmations. This is a great, feel-good app that can generally improve a person’s day with positivity and sunshine. The app focuses on the growth of self-love and spirituality in a spontaneous and romantic way. 

For creativity, Pinterest is the ultimate app. While this can technically be considered social media, it is truly one of the best platforms to gain inspiration for any sort of creative project, whether that be crafts, recipes, costumes, art, or quotes. It is possible to interact with others, but Pinterest can also be used solo. Boards, which hold “pins,” or pictures and ideas, can remain private and the social media aspect can easily be deterred. Instead, Pinterest focuses on the beauty of inspiration, community, and creativity. Many creators share their content for the purpose of communal use and promotion of their brands. The best part is that everything is free! 

For music, Spotify is a great platform for students. The app offers a student discount which entails premium use of the app, as well as access to Hulu and Showtime streaming services for only $4.99/month. To access this deal, one simply needs a college email account that ends in .edu and students will receive this promotion for five years of education. Spotify Premium will allow users to listen to add-free music and download playlists that can be listened to without wifi or cellular data in use. The app is also free for its basic version that includes ads. 

For avid thrifting, try OfferUp, an app for those who oppose social media interactions like Facebook Marketplace. This app allows users to save items to folders, which is useful for items users are unsure about. There is also a rating system for buyers and sellers, which gives more insight into products and quality when shopping. The app is also free and a great way to find vintage picks in the area. 

For traveling, the app Hopper is a great way to track multiple flights at the same time. It offers the ability to price freeze when a customer spots a good deal, and if the price drops, they are reimbursed. The app shows the best deals on flights and will send notifications when a flight price is expected to drop or raise. Overall, this is a great app for college students in terms of having everything in one place. It even boasts a hotel guide and will add discounts if a flight and hotel are booked through the app. 

For exercising and healthy eating, tentatively try MyFitnessPal. Apps like this need to be utilized under a knowing and watchful eye, as many times they can have a negative effect on a person’s mental health. This app allows users to track their daily exercise and eating patterns. It possesses a scanner that will update packaging information and display the amount of calories eaten in a day. These apps dubbed “calorie counters” can be toxic to some, but those who use the app in a healthy manner should try it for free on the app store in order to create a healthier lifestyle.  

For photo editing, Afterlight 2 is $2.99/month and possesses some of the most comprehensive editing tools of any app. With a wide range of filters, this app can surely transform any feature photo. Users can even add text and graphics to an image, making the photoshopping possibilities endless. The app features basic editing tools and more advanced features like curvature capabilities and selective coloring. 

These apps are all positive examples of how phones can improve the daily lives of its users. While the negative effects of cell phones are very real, these apps can assist in mitigating them as cell phones are a necessity in today’s climate. 

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