Ways to Thrive During Quarantine: Staying in Touch

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This article is part of a series in response to the SARS-CoV-2 quarantine. Read Renee’s other articles in the series here.

By Renee Rasmussen 

Although the country has begun to open, most states are still enforcing stay-at-home orders. During this time of uncertainty, it is important to stay in contact with the people we love. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your communication; texting and facetime calls are great, but other unique ways to stay in touch can get rid of the monotonous “how are you doing” text. 

Surprise your friend with a letter, and become their pen pal. Writing letters can be intimidating but don’t let that stop you! Start by simply updating your friend on how you are, anything interesting that has happened, and end with a few questions for them to keep the conversation going. Put the date on the top of the letter so when you look back on these letters, you have a date to go by. 

Spruce up your letter by adding some fun things for your pen pal. Write out your favorite songs, add a copy of your favorite recipe, or even add a teabag of your favorite tea for them to try. Other great things to share with you pen pal could be a picture that brings back a good memory of you two, a friendship bracelet, a print-out of your favorite poem, or even lists of your new favorite moves, podcasts, or books. 

Letter writing shouldn’t be boring or tedious. Spend some time to get to know your friend even better by playing “This or That” in a letter, or ask them twenty random questions of things you’ve always wanted to know about them. Think of letters as an extended coffee date with your bestie. Write like you are talking to them in person and soon writing letters will become your favorite hobby. 

If you want a more direct way to spend time with your friends, try Netflix Party. This Google extension allows you to watch movies at the same time as your friends. During the movie, you can send chats to share your thoughts. 

If you’re more of a reader, get your friends organized and start a virtual book club! Assign a book that everyone is interested in, and have weekly Zoom calls to talk about your progress and thoughts on the book. This is a great way to stay in touch with your friends while also learning something new.

Don’t let quarantine stop you from staying in touch with those you love. Friendships can still grow during this chaotic time. Putting in a little extra effort and going the extra mile can help show your friend how much you care about them and miss them.  Surprise your friend with a letter, or go out and start a virtual book club. Don’t be scared to try something new to keep in touch!

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