Get Off Campus and Study

Courtesy of Bella Ramon

By: Bella Ramon

Finding a reliable study spot is extremely important as a college student. The library on Catholic U’s campus is usually a good choice, but can sometimes feel a bit gloomy. Luckily, the District is full of dependable and aesthetically pleasing areas that can satisfy a college student’s every need. 

The most obvious place to study off campus for a Catholic U student is Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse. Located at 201 F St NE and a five minute walk from Union Station, it is the perfect place to head when campus seems too small. With free WiFi and plenty of seating in the main room, downstairs, and outside, it is easy to get comfortable in this cozy coffee shop. 

Another spot to study in the heart of the city is inside of the National Portrait Gallery. Visitors can head down the red line to Gallery Place/Chinatown and step outside of the metro, directly across from the museum. Once inside, heading straight back behind the Information Desk will lead directly into an atrium area with plenty of chairs and tables. Natural light, plants, and the faint hum of running water welcomes each person wanting to sit and relax. Free WiFi and a café makes this the perfect destination to get homework done. Students can de-stress and take a study break by walking around the museum. Staying open until 7 p.m., the Portrait Gallery is one of the only Smithsonian Museums that is open past 5 p.m.

On a beautiful spring day, studying outside of the Smithsonian Castle is the perfect way to get off campus. Located behind the grand building is a large garden with seating among nature. Only a quick walk from the Smithsonian Metro stop, the castle is hard to miss. Inside, there is a café with WiFi and plenty of snacks to help pass time. This location allows for time to admire the wildlife of the garden and appreciate the close proximity to the mall. 

Solid State Books makes another perfect study spot that is close to campus. Located at 600F H St NE, it is about a 15 minute walk from Union Station through the colorful neighborhoods in between. With a few tables and a bar, there is plenty of space to spread out and get to work. At the bar, there is a small area to order unconventional cold brew coffee that comes in a soda can. Students can take a study break and browse though the books or even stop inside the Whole Foods next door to grab a snack. Solid State Books is a go-to place in the District to sit and crank out homework. 

The last place that is perfect to get work done in the city is at the Wydown. There are a few locations, but the most aesthetically pleasing location is inside of the Apollo Luxury Apartments. There is limited seating inside the actual coffee shop, but plenty of space- three stories to be exact- to sit and explore around the complex. A few areas include the open lobby and the window seating around the second and third floors that overlook the lobby area. 

Washington D.C. is a vibrant city that offers exciting places to get off campus and study. Studying and excelling in school is important in college, so it is imperative to find places that will help complete that goal. 

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