Cardinals Host Beavers for Homecoming Game

By Sarah Beretich

CUA Men’s Football tied off a long homecoming weekend with their game on September 28th, which drew over 3,200 in attendance, including several celebrating the final hours of Alumni Weekend with their alma mater team. The Cardinals, who played Massachusetts Institute of Technology, summarized the season for returning alumni with a 32-13 loss at the NEWMAC opener for both teams. Catholic fell early, thanks to two back-to-back safety touches within the first 10 minutes, bringing the score to an unusual 4-0. The Engineers used this lead to carry them through the entire 2nd quarter, finishing the first half at 18-0. 

While the team has been working diligently to bring this year’s recruits to the field, the presence of several injuries and absences from their upperclassmen starters and graduate players has hindered their gametime performance. Even with many hopes to the contrary, the Cardinal’s loss was not unprecedented; of the last 14th games, CUA has dropped 13.

The final score was reflective of this season’s last three games. Compared to their first game against Kenyon University, where Catholic led for 2 quarters, the MIT game evidenced the opposite issue. With the Engineers taking an early lead, the Cardinals 2nd half awakening was not enough to compensate for a 19-point deficit. If the Cardinals seemed asleep on the field, it was nothing compared to the ref, who seemed more interested in the ongoing tailgate than the game itself. Several missed calls led to indignation from the crowd and 

Both teams flopped offensively in the beginning of the 3rd quarter, where several empty plays were made until running back Brian Melara made Catholic’s first successful run in the last 5 minutes. In spite of the last-ditch effort, MIT made what was quite literally a last-minute play, scoring a touchdown with 1:29 left in the quarter.

MIT picked up the 4th quarter when, after failing to secure a first down during the first three plays of the drive, they scored on a 64-yard touchdown pass, bringing the team to 36-13. Catholic stepped up when, a few plays later, junior wide receiver Trey Carson scored a 74-yard touchdown pass, bringing the quarter to a tie and Carson to his first touchdown career pass.

The team continues on its NEWMAC path this Saturday, October 5th, when they play the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. The Cardinals lost to the Bears 20-9 in the 2018 season and are hoping for a comeback as they take to the road to face the team again.

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