The Busch School Town Hall

Courtesy of Neil Kavanaugh

By Neil Kavanaugh

The Busch School of Business held a meeting open to all students where they informed the public of the progress that they have been making. The event included an open floor portion, which allowed for any questions that students might have in regards to the direction of the school. The event took place in the Della Ratta Auditorium of Maloney Hall on Wednesday, April 10.

This seminar was led by Assistant Dean of Administration Philip Brach, who started the presentation by explaining the search for a new dean that is currently taking place. The search is nationwide, and the candidate is expected to be announced by the end of the spring semester. Roughly 100 candidates are selected, with the list being narrowed down to 37 candidates as of this week. Ten candidates will be invited to campus for an interview, and two or three will receive a callback. The University Committee will be conducting the interviews. The committee is made up of chairman Steve Brown, two professors from the Busch School, one from the School of Philosophy, one from the School of Theology, and students Kelli Murphy and Nick Spinelli.

Brach continued to say that he is open to any feedback that students may have regarding Maloney Hall. Daily Mass and daily Rosary will be held inside the building, but the Busch School has yet to set up a group study room reservation system for the building, the administration is working towards a system.

The Busch School is also launching their new website called Cardinal Success. The website is a one-stop site where students are able to make appointments, view documents, select courses, and submit assignments without having to leave the website.

Brach also announced a new major that would be coming to the school in the fall semester of 2019, called Social Research. Dr. Catherine Pakaluk will be the director of this new area, which concerns the philosophical, cultural, and ethical dimensions of markets and the institution of free enterprise. The school will also be adding Foundations of Economic Thought I and II. This will be added to the requirements in order to give students more options for prerequisite classes.

During the open floor portion of the meeting, one student asked about the facility mentorship program, their responsibility to reach out to their students, and their perceived inability to make an impression on the senior class.

“I am putting a lot of my time and effort into training and entrusting them to do what they need to help students,” said Brach. “I think you need someone who is passionate about initiative and I think this is really important. My philosophy is the school’s responsibility is to be clear and accurate.” Brach continued to say that the expectation of students is to be responsible for their own academic progress and that the student has to reach out and ask the right questions.

“I think the Busch School is headed in a positive direction,” said Ryan Filliben, a junior business major. “It leaves a lot to be desired though. I feel like they can be a lot more organized and straight forward. Communication with the students should be enhanced.”

The Busch School of Business is expected to be making continuous changes as the school develops and grow. Students on campus used this town hall to express their thoughts and opinions regarding what they hope to see in the school within the next few years.

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