Op-ed: Representing Catholic You


By Weston Kirby, Class of 2020

The Representing Catholic You campaign represents a ticket for the Student Government Association executive that is not only experienced and prepared, but which also has a proven track record of caring for the students and a drive to unite CUA.

The age of the SGA political parties is over. Student government works for the students, and that is what we will do. It is what we have done at CUA since day one. Jimmy and I have both produced copious amounts of legislation, involving the development of the HSA program (three more residence halls will be staffed with HSA teams next fall), the extension of McGivney’s hours during finals week (24 hours/day), and sponsorship of legislation in support of the department of Media & Communication Studies remaining in its current academic school. All these are in addition to crucial and meticulously time-consuming overhauls of the Constitution and Senate Bylaws to help SGA be more efficient and to clarify rules and procedure, especially in regard to appeals from the Treasury Board by student organizations. We have fought for your concerns in the Senate, and we will do the same in the executive.

When we are not working on SGA or meeting with administrators, you will find us hard at work in our majors of Economics and Philosophy. You will see Jimmy leading university tours or his OA group. You will see me planning Pre-Law Society events, or the pair of us working together in OCA. On the weekends, our whole ticket with Sophie and Brendan can be found hanging out.

Sophie and Brendan are good friends of ours, and although elected separately, have united themselves to us, because they know that this ticket together will represent the ideals of the students. Sophie, a Politics major, has proved to be a great candidate for SGA Secretary, an integral role that oversees deputy secretaries and SGA’s own media and communications. Brendan, an International Economics and Finance major, will provide new insight to the Treasury through his experience working in the real financial world, as Merrill Lynch’s newest associate.

United together, the four of us will work to create more student jobs on campus, lock costs on room and board, certify health center nurses to be more equipped to handle sexual assaults, and to keep improving CUA’s study spaces. You can learn more about our ideas on our Facebook page. These are just some of our ideas, and we encourage you to reach out to us with yours.

Together, we will fight to Represent Catholic You, and to do so, we ask you to represent us on election day, April 11th.

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