The Tower Elects 121st Editor-in-Chief

Paige Wearmouth was elected as The Tower's 121st Editor-in-Chief. Wearmouth's appointment begins Spring 2016.

Paige Wearmouth was elected as The Tower’s 121st Editor-in-Chief. Wearmouth’s appointment begins Spring 2016.

By Cameron Hosseinian

Paige Wearmouth, an English and Music double major from Port Tobacco, Maryland, has been elected as The Tower’s 121st Editor-in-Chief. Wearmouth’s appointment will begin Spring 2016.

Wearmouth joined The Tower the second semester of her sophomore year and since has been an integral member of the organization. Soon after joining The Tower, Wearmouth displayed promising qualities of leadership, becoming a Copy Editor and soon after becoming Assistant News Editor. She currently holds the position as New Editor.

“I look forward to helping The Tower grow,” said Wearmouth in response to her appointment.

Wearmouth will be succeeding Antoinette Cea in position as Editor-in-Chief. With her last two weeks as Editor-in-Chief coming to a close, Cea looks back on her time as the head of The Tower happily.
Cea is currently a junior English major with minors in Theology and Religious Studies, and Medieval and Byzantine Studies. She joined The Tower her freshman year, and was appointed Editor-in-Chief by the second semester of her sophomore year.

Cea has managed to successfully lead The Tower through some of its best and worst times, covering Pope Francis’ visit to Catholic University, the cancellation of Milk and Cookies, and recently the ISIS attacks of Paris.

Though she is stepping down from her term as Editor-in-Chief, Cea believes Wearmouth will be more than capable of leading The Tower though good times and bad.

“I am of course sad to leave my position as Editor-in-Chief of The Tower, but my sadness is coupled with happiness because I know Paige well, and have complete confidence in her ability to be a great Editor,” said Cea. “I’ve known Paige for a while now, and can say from experience that she is tough, strong-willed, persistent, smart, and overall a joy to be around. I will still be involved in The Tower, acting as Editor-at-Large. I’m excited to see all the things Paige will accomplish as Editor, and I’m even more excited to be working under her leadership.”

Like Cea before her, Wearmouth has proven she is not only capable of running our University’s newspaper but that she is capable of handling any story that she is given, having covered events such as the Howard University threats, and construction on Catholic University’s campus.

Upon receiving the news that she was being appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief, Wearmouth said, “I’m really grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given as the new Editor-in-Chief. I think The Tower is a really important part of CUA’s history and identity so I take a lot of pride in the work we do.”

As we approach the end of this semester and the beginning of the next, hopes are high within the staff at The Tower that we will not only continue to prosper under our new leadership, but that we will set new standards never before seen in our newspaper’s history.

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