Image Courtesy of Noah Slayter

Image Courtesy of Noah Slayter

By Eden Ingram

The Student Government Association (SGA) announced the winners of the election in the Pryz at 10pm after hosting its annual Senate election on Wednesday. The executive board, consisting of President Maevis Fahey (Class of 2025), Vice President Alex Harvey (Class of 2024), Treasure Sean Scully (Class of 2025), and Secretary Kathleen Polking (Class of 2024), gathered to announce the winners of the election to the crowd of students and candidates.

The Senate is composed of 26 senators, 2 for each class and school. The senators representing each class and school are responsible for representing Catholic U’s campus as well as promoting the University mission. In addition, they work to pass legislation that benefits their class, school, and community as a whole. 

Vice President Alex Harvey shared his thoughts on the newly elected senators and school year ahead. 

“I am looking forward to working alongside an excellent group of senators who are dedicated to serving this school and its local community. I am hopeful for a productive year that will yield legislation that promotes the mission of this university and supports the well-being of all our students,” Harvey said.

Former First Director of the Disability Support Services Executive Initiative and one of the newly elected senators for the School of Arts and Sciences, Correy Crawford, shared his thoughts on the election and plans for legislation in the senate. 

“I think it went smoothly; we had a great selection of candidates in the running for Arts and Sciences. I spoke to each of them individually leading up to and after the election, and I look forward to working with them and Senator Gehrig on the best way to support A&S this coming school year,” Crawford said. “I hope to continue working on legislation I helped bring forward last year as Director of Disability Support Services, working on ADA upgrades like the project at Pangborn Hall, bringing changes to DSS services, and working on improving the shuttle service on campus.” 

One of the newly elected senators for the Freshmen Class of 2027, Jack Hermes, said, “I am humbled to have been selected to represent the Class of 2027. I have no plans of holding back and will be a major contributor to the Senate this year by launching bills with the Kane Center, Campus Ministry, and Dining. Let’s get to work!” 

The results of the election on Wednesday night are as following: 

Class of 2024: 

Matt Michels

Anthony Arreaga 

Class of 2025: 

Jeff Lance

Neil D’Atello

Class of 2026:

Michael Kish

Bennett Birt

Class of 2027:

Jack Hermes

Clare Tong 

School of Architecture and Planning:

Elisabeth D’Albero

Thien Nguyen

School of Arts and Sciences:

Correy Crawford

Jordan Gehrig

Busch School of Business:

Max Morris

David Fritz

School of Engineering:

Allison Ewing

Maria Hargrave

National Catholic School of Social Service:

N/A (no candidates voted for)

Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art: 

Kyle Holcomb

Anthony Graf

School of Nursing:

Whitney Paulson

Mary Grace Raddell

School of Theology and Religious Studies:

Ryan Corey

Andrea Suarez

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