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By Jean Higgins, Class of 2020

“Why would you want to do that?”

Just last week, someone asked me that question in reference to running for an SGA Executive position. I responded with “Why wouldn’t I want to run?”

My name is Jean Higgins, and I am running to be the next SGA Treasurer. As a sophomore International Economics and Finance major, I started getting involved around campus from day one, and I have loved every second of it. In addition to participating in several clubs, I am a Cardinal Ambassador and an economics and IEF major mentor. CUA is my home, and I look forward to all that is yet to come in the next two years.

Running for treasurer is a way for me to continue my campus involvement in the best way possible ─ serving the student body by helping to create a bright and fiscally responsible future for CUA. Most importantly for this election, I am a current Treasury Board Director. From my experience on the board this past year, I have designed a three-part plan for Treasury Board that promotes communication and transparency.

My first goal is to empower student clubs and organizations by ensuring that they are aware of their resources during the allocation process. In order to streamline the process, I will post how-to guides and templates on the SGA website for making Treasury Board appointments, creating budget breakdowns, designing handouts, and formatting Treasury Board presentations. Clubs and organizations, especially new ones, should feel prepared and informed throughout the entire funding process.

My second goal is to enhance the liaison role of Treasury Board Directors by implementing Treasury Board office hours. These office hours will give student clubs and organizations the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on preliminary budget breakdowns before presenting. The office hour schedule will be posted on the SGA website and social media so that students have access to the board throughout the week.

My third goal is to engage the CUA community by posting board updates and changes to SGA social media. In particular, I will create a Instagram to encourage student clubs and organizations to make Treasury Board appointments, to promote the new office hours, and to introduce the student body to the directors.

As April 11th quickly approaches, I would be honored to have the CUA community’s support. Being a part of Treasury Board has become a passion of mine, and I look forward to continuing to serve the student body as treasurer.

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