Tacos from “Fox Loves Taco” Courtesy of Daniela Sol

By Daniela Sol

In the opposite corner of Brookland Pint, a new taco place has opened in the Arts Walk. “Fox Loves Tacos” is not like any ordinary taco place; its meatless menu is composed of a colorful mixture of vegetables making healthy eating fun and delicious. With bright aqua tables and plants in every corner, this little veggie heaven promises to please the palate.

Fox Loves Tacos has a selection of what they call “breakfast tacos” but are so good they can be eaten anywhere at any time. No meat in tacos seems weird and non-taco like, but with options like black bean hummus, jerk marinated tofu mixed with pineapple red cabbage slaw, and Portobello mushroom with carrots and jalapeno slaw, the fact that they’re meatless will be long forgotten. With the closing of Halsa, this new healthy, gluten free, and vegan option is great for a vegetarian treat.

The restaurant has various taco options starting at the low price of just $3 with the most expensive one being $4. Their most popular items are the Kwasi, the Power-Up and the Wham! What’s also special about Fox Loves Tacos is its tortilla. You have the option of either getting corn gluten free, vegan tortilla or their house specialty, the flour house made with sweet potato
and butter tortilla.

Tacos are not the only thing they have on the menu. There’s also a selection of sweet treats. Their most popular item is a power bar named Carmelita made from walnuts, caramel and dark chocolate. Which is simply amazing to pair up with a cup of coffee in the morning or as a dessert after some tacos.

The restaurant also serves juices from Misfit Juicery which is a company that makes juices from bruised fruit which sellers decide not to put on supermarkets because of their bad appearance with the purpose to eliminate food waste. Their sustainable juices include orange juice and watermelon juice.

They also have a sister store in Chevy Chase called Little Red Fox sharing the same vibe but the concepts of each one is very different. The owner explained how here in Brookland he wanted to create a much simpler concept with more of a restaurant/café feel rather than a market and more elaborate scene which is what “Little Red Fox” is all about. Yet, both places promise to make you feel welcome and to share a one of a kind experience.

Fox Loves Tacos is open from 7 am to 7 pm and just opened this past weekend. For all of you searching for a healthier option nearby campus this is a great spot to enjoy brunch or a cup of a coffee and a sweet treat in the morning. Plus, the added victory of supporting a local business with an eco-friendly, sustainable approach to entrepreneurship!

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