The UK, just like the rest of the world, has caught on to the CBD oil craze.

As CBD oil has become more well-known in the health industry, so has the interest in it, as it is not only seen as an alternative to conventional medicine, but also as a very lucrative opportunity for health companies everywhere.

Back in the UK in 2017, CBD was officially labeled as a drug and the rest is history. Of course, there are still some grey areas around regulation and legality when it comes to CBD, but that doesn't stop it from being available to users in physical stores and online in the UK.

To avoid these gray areas, many times manufacturers will market it as a dietary supplement rather than a drug.

The problem is that as long as the CBD oil has been derived from hemp and not cannabis and contains a very small amount of THC, then the company can sell it. That's why you can now get CBD in many different forms, from oils to topicals, tinctures, capsules, and even vapes.

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Let's review some of the best CBD oil brands in the UK that currently care about both the customer experience and the quality of their products.

Let's take a look.

Verma Farms
Verma Farms - the best CBD oil in the UK.

It will soon become obvious why we have Verma Farms CBD oil in the UK market at the top of our list.

Let's start by talking about where they come from and how they source their hemp. verma Farms is a CBD oil company based in Hawaii, which means they are American and they source their hemp from Maui.

This means they have an incredible personal relationship with the farmers that harvest and cultivate their hemp, so they can guarantee their customers that it is organic and does not include any pesticides or other harmful additives.

Another reason we really like Verma Farms is that they don't make any of their CBD oil with THC.

A lot of people out there these days like to take CBD without THC because it means they can benefit from the extra side effects without the high. We also know that this CBD oil company batch tests their products to make sure that everyone's potency and purity is where it should be.

One of the interesting things about Verma Farms is that they actually started as a CBD gummy company, but they have expanded their range to include things like chewing gum for your pets, oral drops and topical creams.

We love that they are a straightforward and honest source for their CBD products, and as far as we know, they just want to do right by their customers.

They've even won many awards for their range, which means they're definitely one of the best. If you want a reputable company that you can count on for a long time to come, when it comes to your CBD products, then we highly recommend that you check out Verma Farms.

Verified CBD
Verified CBD - CBD Oil UK

Verified CBD is one of the best CBD oil brands in the UK because they use one of the greatest extraction methods in the industry. They also have advanced medical equipment that they use to test the potency and purity of their products.

Another thing that we really like about this CBD oil company is that they make sure that each of their products include a high concentration of CBD. there are a lot of companies out there that include only 17% to 40% concentrations, but with verified CBD, you get 80%.

Their CBD tinctures come in three different sizes. 1500 mg, 750 mg and 500 mg. Their concentrations start at $43.95 and go all the way up to $129.95, which is considered the standard price in the market.

Their concentration levels are all in the same one-ounce bottle, which means the more you spend, the higher the concentration of CBD. In their 750 mg bottle, you're going to get 50% more CBD than in their 500 mg bottle, so we definitely recommend spending a little more.

We like to verify that CBD only uses organic hemp to produce their products, which are naturally non-GMO. We also like that you can buy CBD oil in bulk, which in turn means the more you buy, the cheaper they get.

They are US based but have very fast shipping to the UK. verified CBD is the top CBD oil brand for the UK market and has proven itself time and time again to be one of the best.
Blessed CBD
Blessed CBD - the top CBD oil brand in the UK.

Blessed CBD is one of those CBD oil companies that are dedicated to helping their customers with whatever they need, and one of the things we like most about them is that they are a small business. This means they focus more on quality than quantity and love being able to provide their customers with a personal experience.

When it comes to their CBD oil range, you can expect to spend between $44.95, and $124.95 more, which we think is quite reasonable when compared to other options in the industry. Their sizes and concentrations range from 500 mg to 1800 mg.

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