Student Government Association Holds Meeting

By Erica Fuller
     At the latest Student Government Association Meeting on Monday freshman Cavan Hagerty was elected to a vacant Senate position. He was elected despite the objections raised and disagreements between the current leadership and the former Vice President of Catholic University’s Student Government Association.

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Hurricane Joaquin Won’t Stop Capital Fest 2015!

By  Maria Mercedes del Nido

Capital Fest is Catholic’s University newest tradition for students to enjoy live music. On Saturday October 3, American Authors will play live music at Catholic University in the Great Room of the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center.
Program Board is hosting this event free of charge for all undergraduate students. If you want to indulge yourself, there is a VIP option for $10 each that includes early admission, an event T-shirt and a reserved spot in front of the stage. Also, each student can invite one guest for $10.  Last year, Walk the Moon performed at Capital Fest and it was a huge success. Because of recent weather announcements, those with VIP tickets should arrive at 6:30 PM.

campital fest
American Authors is a notable alternative rock and country band from New York.  They are best known for their hits “Best Day Of My Life” and “Believer” from their album “Oh What a Life”. There will be an opening act performed by The Icarus Account.
Program Board has been working very hard to make this year’s Capital Fest a success. Programming Chair, Lauren Hand said, “Capital Fest will be different because of the food trucks, we are making it bigger, better and more fun!”
The food trucks that will be included are Mac Attack, Orange Cow and Crepe Love. Mac Attack is a BBQ and Mac and Cheese food truck Orange Cow has ice cream, and Crepe Love is a crepe food truck. All this delicious food will be available so remember to bring your money and an empty stomach!
Despite expected rain from Hurricane Joaquin, Capital Fest is still a go.
Students are excited for Capital Fest. Isabella Bogdanos, a sophomore said, “I really like the American Authors and I have been listening to their music for years.”
Samantha Reyes, another sophomore said, “I think it’s pretty awesome that we get to see well known artists for free and I hope we can get Maroon 5 by my senior year.”
Do not forget to use the hashtag #CapitalFest2015!

MORPHEUS Q – 11 September 2015

Morpheus want to know who the real student government on campus is: Campus Ministry or SGA?

Morpheus is a swell chap, and loves his share of a good time. He requests to the skunk living in Flather Hall to either put it out, or pass it around.

Morpheus stopped by Campus Ministry today. He’s quite confused you see, because he thought co-ed dorms were banned from campus.

Morpheus has a game: every time you hear a Musical Theatre Major singing, take a shot.

Heard from the bird, part of CUA’s new application process requires you to send a picture of your Sperry collection. Extra brownie points for salmon shorts.

What’s finally working on campus? Not the internet, but the fountain in Centennial Village is.

New week, new menu at the Pryz, new Provost, construction on the metro. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Morpheus has a question: Does Sunday morning wine count as hair of the dog?

Knock, Knock, SGA. SAGA is history, just like Morpheus. He wants to know what   skeletons are in your closet. Morpheus says he has some secrets to share. Do you?


If you want to get in contact with Morpheus, his office is in the Exorcist Room in Caldwell Hall. Don’t be shy.



American Authors announced as Capital Fest performers

Capital Fest 2015 announcement
Program Board announces American Authors as the 2015 Capital Fest headliners at Fall Fiesta last Tuesday

By Marjan Koffa

Students stormed the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center lawn and balloons flew through the air as Program Board members dropped the white sheet revealing this year’s Capital Fest performer during Catholic University’s annual Fall Fiesta.
Some students were overwhelmed with joy, hugging friends and taking videos to add to their Snapchat stories. Others kept their eyes on the banner in the hopes that by looking at the banner long enough, they would eventually recognize who the guest of honor was.

The Selfie generation records the big moment
Students snapchat and take selfies of the announcement

This is the second year that students at the Catholic University have had the promise of a popular band playing at their school to look forward to. Last year, Walk The Moon and COIN kicked off the school year and left students with a memorable performance. This year, the up-and-coming band, American Authors, will headline Catholic University’s Capital Fest.
Meghan Adams, the Digital Marketing Chair for Program Board was very satisfied with how the big reveal panned out.
“It’s such a relief not having to stress about keeping the name of the band under wraps,” said Adams. “All of my friends would not stop bugging me about who was coming to play this year.”
Adams, like the rest of Program Board, was required to keep the name of the band hidden until Fall Fiesta. The band reveal for Capital Fest was one thing many members were excited to get off of their chest.
Now that the band is revealed, Program Board is working day and night to ensure this year’s Capital Fest is just as successful as the last one. Their tasks include coordinating close to seventy volunteer positions, selling VIP tickets, making green rooms for the bands, and making sure all of the itinerary plans are in line for the big day.
This year’s Capital Fest will offer water stations, more free giveaways and a $5 cheaper VIP package ticket.
Jenai Bell is looking forward to the meet and greet that Program Board members are privileged to have.
“I have never heard of the band before this year, but I am excited to meet them and hope everyone decides to attend,” said Bell.
American Authors is an Indie Rock and Country band coming from New York City. The band originates from Boston, Massachusetts where the members met while attending Berklee College of Music.
Since then, American Authors has opened up for groups such as Cash Cash and have one studio album. American Authors are most known for their hit singles “Believer” and “Best Day of My Life,” which have been featured in TV commercials, film trailers, and video games.
Capital Fest will take place on Saturday, October 3rd from 7:00pm to 11:00pm on the Columbus Law School lawn.
Capital Fest is free for all Catholic University undergraduate students and guest tickets are available for $10. Program Board is also selling a limited number of VIP tickets that provide students with a t-shirt, early concert admission and access to a front row standing section. Tickets can be bought online or at a table in the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center lobby on weekdays between the hours of 12:00 PM till 2:00 PM, and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

“CHAPLAINS” film Premier’s at Edward J Pryzbala Center

By Stephen Fasulo II

On Thursday, September 10th the documentary film produced by Journey Films, “CHAPLAINS,” premiered in the Great Room of the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center.
The film, helmed by Martin Doblmeier, is about the lives of chaplains and the lives they positively affect through their profession.
A chaplain is a member of a religion that is attached to a non-religious organization. The film was shortened half its length at the event to allow a question and answer period from the Army Chief of Chaplains, Father Paul Hurley, who has served for twenty years, most recently in Afghanistan.
The film describes the daily interactions between chaplains and people serving prison sentences, police officers, military servicemen and women, and families of children in hospitals. Doblmeier, preemptively answered the question among many minds, and told audiences he decided on the subject matter because he found the subject fascinating. Doblmeier was pleased with the reception of the film at the event.
“Something that caught me off guard was the expanse and depth of what they do, despite the way culture has put religion under fire,” said Doblmeier. The trials of what these chaplains undergo is thoroughly explored in the film, and the chaplains featured provide religious counsel to soldiers, prisoners, and grieving families, but also help recreate lives and bridge social gaps in cultures.
“I did this film to inspire others to serve as chaplains,” said Father Paul Hurley. “This film is revealing to people like me, who do this every day, but seeing the results, you realize how important it really is.”
The number of military chaplains has been cut in half from 400 to 220 in the last 14 years.
“Part of the reason the numbers have decreased is that we’ve hit the demographic curve, a large amount of military chaplains were born in the peak of the baby boom, and now most of them have just reached the age limit of the military,” said Vocations Director of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, Father Aidan Logan.
“Documentaries can sometimes have problems getting out there, so publicity is key,” said Jen Quintana, the Production Manager for Journey Films.
According to the filmmakers, there is a large amount of events showing the film in the future.
“If I was called back to Boston tomorrow, I would be thankful for working with so many other chaplains of other faiths, as it has bolstered my own faith,” said Hurley.
The message that the crew and the subjects of the film wanted to convey was the necessity for an underappreciated profession,  and that there is a place for a religious movie in today’s culture.