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Managing Editor
John Connolly –

News Editor – university news and events

Katie Ward –

News Editor – politics, current events
Alexander Santana –

My name is Alexander “Alex” Santana and I have served as the News Editor for The Tower since my freshman spring semester. I am a Junior Politics major originally from Miami, FL. I joined The Tower the first week of my freshman year because I’ve always enjoyed writing and wrote for my high school newspaper. Being able to report on important events happening to the students and faculty of CUA as well as in America and around the world is one of my greatest experiences at this wonderful university. My favorite thing about CUA is its location in our nation’s capitol because it allows politics majors like myself to have tremendous opportunities like internships and to work at the places I learn about in my classes and in the news.

Favorite Quote- “Be the change that you want to see in the world” from Mahatma Gandhi

Fun Fact- Since my freshman year I’ve been interning at the U.S. Capitol for a U.S. senator or Representative.

Other Campus Involvement- Besides being a writer and editor for the Tower I am also a Senator for the Student Government Association (SGA) and a member of the Student Philanthropy Council and Pre-Law Society

Sports Editor
Jared Prenda –

Arts and Entertainment Editor
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Quill Editor
Duane Paul Murphy –

Business Manager
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Caitlin Ritchie –

My name is Caitlin Ritchie and this is my first year on The Tower. I will be the Newspaper’s first Videographer. Originally from Wilmington, DE I am a Media and Communications Major, Class of 2019. I joined The Tower to gain new real world experiences with filming and conducting interviews. Ather campus organizations I am involved in are Kappa Tau Gamma, Cardinal Ambassadors, DC Reads, and Spanish Club. My favorite quote is, “Well-behaved women rarely make history” said by Eleanor Roosevelt.






Sarah Ajih

My name is Sarah Ajih and I am a senior Marketing major with a certificate in Digital Art and Design. I am originally from Silver Spring, MD.
Position- Illustrator? I love drawing, and I go through The Tower archives in my spare time and look at illustrations and comics for different articles over the past decades. I knew I wanted to be a part of that legacy too.
Favorite thing about CUA: The campus is beautiful!
The best advise I have received/favorite quote: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”
Random/fun fact: Obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise
Other clubs you I am involved in on campus are Residence Life, National Residence Hall Honorary

Staff Writers

Brittany Young – Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer

Class of 2021 – BM Violin Performance, Minor in Rhetoric & Writing
Valley Forge, PA
Writing for The Tower is a perfect opportunity to promote all that happens within the music department as well as around the D.C. music scene! Not only that – it is great experience for my minor in Writing and Rhetoric. But perhaps most importantly, it is an enjoyable hobby of mine as someone who just really, really enjoys writing 🙂
My favorite part about Catholic is the reason why I ultimately chose to attend the school – the kindness and warmth that I consistently experience and encounter on campus. Each and every day, I am greeted by my peers, friends, and mentors with a smile. And that is what it’s all about!!
A great piece of advice I received – “Bet on yourself.” To me this means taking care of myself (mentally, physically, spiritually) in order to give myself a chance to be and feel my best, whether I am alone or around others. Another way to see this advice could be – “You always have you, so why not be your own best friend?”
Something fun: I spent most of this past summer not in the U.S. Check out my most recent article to find out more 😎
Outside of my Tower-ing but still on campus, I play in the CUA Symphony Orchestra as well as a string quartet. I also have my own radio show on WCUA and am a member of the Little Sisters of the Poor service club. Some other activities I always enjoy on campus are attending Yoga at the Kane as well as weekly Adoration in Caldwell Chapel!

Megan Statham

My name is Megan Statham and I am a sophomore English and psychology double major. I am originally from Easton, Pennsylvania. I joined The Tower because I really wanted to broaden my horizons at CUA, and do something that I love. I would love to work for a fashion magazine one day, and I knew The Tower was the perfect place to start my journey! I also wanted to meet some great people while doing so!
Favorite Thing about CUA: I love the campus
Favorite Quote: Do one thing everyday that makes you happy
Fun Fact: I have a youtube channel!
Other Clubs: PEERS, Sophomore Connections

Health and Lifestyle Editor

Emily Prendergast –

My name is Emily Prendergast. Last year, I was the Social Media Chair and am now a Staff Writer. I am a junior international business major from Frederick, MD. I originally joined The Tower during my freshman year, but I was afraid of not being good enough of a writer. When sophomore year rolled around, I made it a point to join and I instantly felt at home with the other writers and staff members. Through The Tower, I felt more involved at CUA because I always knew what events were happening around campus that I otherwise would not have known about. The Tower became my home and I am so excited to come back for another great year. Other student organizations I am involved in are Habitat for Humanity and International Business Club.
Your favorite thing about CUA
My favorite thing about CUA is the sense of community around campus. Whether it’s the people in my dorm, walking around the pryz, or the professors that teach my classes, there is always a friendly face around.

Random/fun fact-
I once passed out while I was alter serving during mass and I have a scar on my chin to prove it.

Web Editors

Jamie Franc

John Dashe