Russian Hackers and Media Hacks

By Stephen Calandrino

You think Russia is the biggest problem the United States faces today?  The 1980s are now calling and asking for their foreign policy back.

Is that a bit harsh?  Don’t look at me, that’s just what former (thank God) President Barack Obama said to failed presidential candidate (thank God again) Mitt Romney in 2012 when Romney said that Russia was our number one threat.

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To The Left: Direct Democracy

By Duane Paul Murphy
Last year appeared to be a negative public image for direct democratic processes and institutions. Across the pound, by a 51% majority vote in a non-binding, non-statutory referendum, the United Kingdom of Great Britain decided to withdraw from the European Union after more than 40 years of membership and integration with the continent. Towards the end of the northern equator, Colombians voted against a landmark peace agreement with the FARC militant rebels, which was signed and formulated by President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez after almost four years of diplomatic negotiations between the two parties. The referendum in the South American nation of Columbia was rejected by 50% of the vote and had low turnout. Between the Rocky Mountains, voters in Colorado passed a statewide initiative that would essentially make putting constitutional amendments on the ballot more difficult by requiring a further increase in signature gatherings for petitioners.

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Mr. Updegrove: A Story of Humanity

 by Jack Loh
      He was smoking a cigarette in between Shahan and McGivney Hall on my way to Political Science class. I don’t know what called me to do this, but something inside made me want to strike conversation with him. He was the same elderly man that presented his veteran’s identification to me at the front desk in the Mullen Library. I already knew that his name was Daniel Updegrove. When I asked Dan where he stays in D.C., he pointed in the direction of the Basilica.

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Editorial 2/17/17

This one goes out to our seniors.
       Since we wouldn’t be millenials if we didn’t complain, let’s start with a complaint. Where was our hundred-days party? Most other universities helped their seniors celebrate this milestone, trust me I know, I scrolled past all the Instagrams. drinking a bottle of wine off the school’s (my) dime at an open bar would have been a great way to cap off such a disappointing winter. But alas, here we are, getting closer and closer to graduation and only a handful of open bar events left for us to attend.
      For most undergraduates, February means spring break planning, midterm cramming, and pretending we’re not swiping into the upstairs Pryz as much as we are.
      But for seniors, February takes on a different tone. February is when we start to hear back from graduate schools and jobs. While some people post every acceptance letter on Facebook, other peoples’ social media presence goes eerily quiet. Everyone gets a little awkward around each other, because we want to ask if our friends have any plans after graduation but we don’t want to add to the stress (and we also dread being asked that question in return).

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To the Left: Show Us the Money

By Paul Murphy
      As an American progressive and social democratic leftist, I am always annoyed when those who indicate that we simply do not have enough financial resources to fund new public programs or reforms such as tuition free and debt free public higher education, direct infrastructure investment, expanding social security, or either enacting a public option or a single payer healthcare system. However, we do have the financial capabilities to enact bold and needed public projects. We just need to show them were money is actually going towards. A 2015 study by the United States Public Interest Research Group revealed that major American corporations, such as Apple and Microsoft, are holding $2.1 trillion or more in foreign tax havens, which includes countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg and Singapore.

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Tower Editorial: Only the Cool Kids Remember Tuition Hikes

By Tower Staff
 Another year, another tuition hike, is anyone surprised? Well, aside from the freshmen who didn’t realize exactly how much debt they were getting themselves into, most of us saw it coming.

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Around the Table, We Are All Family

By Rania Abousleiman

I am a first generation citizen who was born and raised in the United States of America. A land where freedom, democracy, and equality bleed. A land of opportunity for those born and raised, traveled near and far, and for those who will be coming. I was raised in a household with immigrant parents coming from the same region, but from completely different worlds. My father is from Lebanon and was raised Catholic, while my mother is from Iran and was raised Muslim. The two worlds met, fell in love, and had a family. They raised me and my siblings with no religion attached, but as decent people with open hearts, kindness, and good ethics. Although I was not raised with religion, my extended family on both sides were raised as Catholics and Muslims. They go to church or mosque, they pray to the same God, and they are all some of the best people I have ever known. There is no divide in my family, just equality and acceptance. Imagine living in my world. My world where Catholics and Muslims sitting at the same dinner table, talking the same politics, and sharing the same love for their family and the world they live in.

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The Real Fake News

By Stephen Calandrino, Class of 2020
      Ever since the historic election of President Donald Trump in November of 2016, we’ve all heard the term ‘fake news’ tossed around by members of the mainstream media, at least a couple of time a day. I must admit. I was initially skeptical of the impact of fake news and saw it as little more than a phony excuse for why Hillary lost; like Russian espionage, global warming, or Stonewall Jackson’s ghost.  Yet now I have seen the light, and see the true danger fake news poses to us all.  But I’m not talking about those spam emails claiming Hillary Clinton was operating a pizza parlor made of gingerbread to lure lost children. I am talking about the real source of fake news, the mainstream media itself.

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To the Left: The GOP’s Anti-Democratic Streak

By Duane Paul Murphy, Class of 2019.
     Are elected Republicans becoming allergic to the fundamental principles and processes of democracy as well as human rights? Apparently, in this century, they seem to be from sea to shining sea.

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