The Percy Jackson Series is Right on Track, and Here’s What You Need to Know

Image Courtesy of BBC Newsround

By Angela Hickey

Once the announcement of the Percy Jackson series was made, fans were ecstatic before the cast was even revealed, sharing their support and voicing their casting opinions on social media. But now that we have our “Percy Jackson,” just what exactly comes next?

Ever since the previous flopped film adaptations, fans have desperately been awaiting a redo of their favorite YA series. So, when the initial announcement was made in January, fans immediately showed their love and appreciation for the author, Rick Riordan, and the rest of the producers and writers. 

This outpouring of love was received once again about two weeks ago when showrunners announced that Walker Scobell, famously known for Netflix’s recent sci-fi film, The Adam Project, was cast to play the series’ titular character, Percy Jackson. Other than Scobell, no other casting choices have been released. The casting agents have only gone as far as to let fans know that the decision for the two other leading roles, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, are still being “finalized.”

There are many things that are unknown about this series, but the first season is set to follow the first book in Riordan’s beloved series, The Lightning Thief, which was released back in 2005. This news has left fans to speculate that, in the event that the show gets renewed for multiple seasons, it will be set to follow the plots of the rest of the books in the 5 part series. Some fans are even going so far as to dream of a live-action depiction of the spin-offs and series continuations, The Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo. This dream isn’t very far off, considering the current movie deal Riordan has with Netflix for his Egyptian mythology-inspired series, The Kane Chronicles, beginning with the first book of the trilogy, The Red Pyramid.  

The show is set to start filming this summer with no final dates for its release. However, no matter the release date, this hype isn’t dying down anytime soon. And I, for one, am rather excited to see just how far we go.

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