Ahead of 2022 Midterms, Joe Biden and Company’s Approval Ratings Fall

Image Courtesy of Politico

By Anthony Dryden

As we grow ever closer and closer to the midterms in November, let us take a look at how the American people favor and disfavor our 46th President, Joe Biden. The polls vary from poll to poll, some such as the latest FiveThirtyEight has the President’s disapproval rating sitting at 53.2%, with an approval rating of 41.9%. Others such as Reuters have President Biden at a 50% disapproval and 45% approval rating. In terms of party lines, the polls have it divided starkly upon party lines. Our Reuters poll has Democrats supporting President Biden to the tune of 82% to a 16% approval. 83% of Republicans disapprove of the President while only 15% have a favorable opinion of him.

President Biden’s approval rating started off in the days between January 21 and February 2 of 2021 at a 57% approval rating (Gallup) with a 37% disapproval rating. President Biden’s approval rating began steadily fluctuating up and down a few points. This all changed after the disastrous pull-out in Afghanistan, in which countless pieces of military equipment and hardware were left behind to the Taliban’s fancy. Thirteen US servicemen were also tragically killed as a result of the ensuing chaos of the Afghanistan pull-out. It appears as if the American people’s faith in the President has faltered dramatically after this. The President’s disapproval rating went from 48% in August 2021 to 54% in March 2022 (Gallup).

The President’s retinue is not faring any better either. Vice President Harris is currently sitting at a 48.9% disapproval rating and a 39.4% approval rating as of April 7, 2022. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is rated at 41% “very unfavorable” to only 17% “very favorable”. As the nation was gripped in a supply chain crisis in 2021 (and still is in some sort), Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg currently sits at a 47% disapproval rating to what Rasmussen reports as a 16% “undecided”.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see if the Democrats are willing to make some changes before the midterm elections. This seems unlikely, as Democrats remain hardline on their agenda and seem unwilling to make changes, despite the signs that Americans are restless with the status quo.

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