This Week in Tower History

In this week’s Tower History column, we will collect relevant, historical, or humorous excerpts from any past editions of The Tower’s 99-year-existence. Compiled weekly by Tower staff.

99 years of The Tower can be read here.

10 Years Ago; October 21, 2011; Volume 89, Issue 8

  • In this post-graduate article, Patrick Stapleton writes about his experiences after having graduated from CUA, how much he misses writing for the Tower (even though he still is), and his favorite memories from the University. 

22 Years Ago; October 1, 1999; Volume 79, Issue 4

  • The construction of two new Residence Halls is announced in this brief article. They will be adjacent to each Ryan and Regan Halls, on John McCormack Road, named Millenium North and Millennium South. 
  • There is an announcement that a new University Center, the Edward Pryzbyla Center is going to be built with the help of student donations and assistance. 

53 Years Ago; October 4, 1968; Volume 47, Issue 2

  • This advertisement demonstrates the different critiques which 2001: A Space Odyssey has received. There are also screening dates and locations. 

95 years ago; October 13, 1926; Volume 5, Issue 2

  • As the month of October begins, this article announces that it is the month of the Rosary. It explains how the University should lead by example and demonstrate the beauty and power of the Rosary. 

The Library hours should be expanded, according to the writer of this article. Students are studying during various hours of the day, hence the need for adjustment of opening and closing hours.

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