The Horror Returns in American Horror Story: Double Feature

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By Maisy Sullivan

On August 25, 2021, Ryan Murphy;  screenwriter, director, and producer, was finally able to release the first episode of the 10th season of his most infamous show. American Horror Story: Double Feature, delayed because of the pandemic, has been long awaited by both new fans and those who have been following the show since the first season in 2011.

American Horror Story: Double Feature will consist of ten episodes, and it will be the first season that has two separate storylines that are interconnected. The first part is called Red Tide, which takes place “by the sea” and the second is Death Valley, which will be “by the sand.

The show holds a season with a Sabrina the Teenage Witch –esque coven, a season with a summer camp that features real 1980s serial killers, and now there are bloodthirsty writers and artists in a quiet New England beach town. American Horror Story is notorious for its cinematography as well as its morbid, out-of-this-world storylines. Each season has a different plot, most of which connect in some capacity through sly references and Easter Eggs that are only noticed if paying close attention. With only four episodes aired, Double Feature has just begun, and it’s already sprawling with unconventional plot twists and outstanding performances by the actors.

Another exciting aspect about this new American Horror Story season is the return of many classic cast members. Among them are Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, who play a talented playwright and a manic homeless woman. The ability for Murphy to recycle actors for new roles every season has called for increased intrigue for fans. The versatility of the cast is apparent, especially when many actors will be playing a completely different role in the second half of the season.

Ryan Murphy’s peculiar creativity continues to shine through with every show he writes. 

Critics agree, being quoted to say that this season so far has been “delivering some genuine scares along with the show’s trademark absurdity and endlessly quotable dialogue.

In the past month, Murphy also aired his spinoff series, American Horror Stories, which are single episode storylines. The spinoff has different actors, settings, and ideas from the original show. Though there is some lack of elaboration on the plotlines, as 40 minute episodes can only hold so much horror and drama, it is not meant to be comparable. However, American Horror Story: Double Feature seems to be a rekindling of the fire that is Murphy’s curious obscurity.

Murphy is also known for hit shows Glee and Pose, as well as American Crime Story, which highlights famous true crime and scandal stories. Season 3 of American Crime Story has an air date for September 7, 2021, and it will center around the impeachment of Bill Clinton in wake of his scandal with Monica Lewinsky.

Whether your interest is true crime, a short horror episode to watch before bed, or an entire season of fear to invest yourself in- Ryan Murphy has something for everyone. Could there be such a show that has incredibly talented and versatile actors with a myriad of exciting special effects, and a carefully calculated storyline? American Horror Story: Double Feature is something to check out.

American Horror Story: Double Feature airs Wednesday nights on FX, and is available for streaming the next day on Hulu. Prepare yourself for a season full of fear with Double Feature!

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