The Curious Case of Deshaun Watson

Image courtesy of Fox News

By Jack Cherico 

The Houston Texans are among the most turbulent teams in the entire league because of all their star players’ mass exodus over the last two seasons. Players such as defensive end JJ Watt, wide receiver Deandre Hopkins, and their head coach Bill O’Brien have left Houston for pastures anew. 

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has been the only constant for that broken team, putting up career highs in every stat and being an offensive player of the year candidate on a team that limped to a 4-12 record. After the season, Watson decided to move on from Houston and requested a trade from the team. 

Every team in the league offered a package to Houston, usually including multiple first-round picks, as well as competent starters. Just when Watson seemed to have all the leverage over Houston, on March 16th, 2021, attorney Tony Buzbee filed the first of a whopping 19 lawsuits against Watson, all alleging sexual harassment and assault against the former Clemson QB. 

The first two lawsuits stemmed from an incident between Watson and a massage therapist, who accused Watson of touching her with his phallic member and making unwanted sexual advances. The first lawsuit says, “It became apparent that Watson wanted a massage for only one reason — sex.” Watson has made repeated attempts to contact this woman, saying in a private message, “I know you have a career and a reputation, and I know you would hate for someone to mess with yours, just like I don’t want anyone messing with mine.” 

The other lawsuits are eerily similar, and all stem from Watsons inappropriate contact with massage therapists. The NFL is investigating Watson under their personal conduct policy, and Watson’s agent, as well as Buzbee, said they would “cooperate with the NFL’s investigation and with any other investigative authorities.” These acts throw Watson’s NFL career in doubt because of their magnitude. However, they are not criminal charges as of now, and can be settled in the future.

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