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By Claire Prudhomme

Since the beginning of COVID-19, a huge trend towards shopping and eating at local businesses has occurred in an effort to improve small business profits.  Supporting small businesses is an incredible thing to do, but it often is more expensive than shopping through fast-fashion websites or services like Amazon. However, D.C. has several local businesses that are both accessible and affordable to college students. 

For Plant Loving Fiends:

Jungle and Loom .3 miles from Campus

This cute little store is right off of the Arts Walk outside of the Brookland-CUA Metro stop. The plants at Jungle and Loom are super healthy and there are a variety to choose from. There is a selection of rare plants as well as a myriad  of affordable plants great for the average dorm room. The lowest priced plants are around $7 and the high priced air plant arrangements tend to be around $95. This quaint store is only open on Saturdays; however, customers can schedule pickups throughout the week for any plants they want to purchase. 

Rewild 2.5 miles from Campus

On top of also selling plants, Rewild offers plant care classes, virtual consultations and also  provides soil for pots in store. Rewild has a large selection of plants that come with cute plant accessories throughout the store. This plant store has a variety of plants and the pricing starts on the lower end of under $10 for smaller plants and goes up the larger and more rare they are. The store is very “instagrammable” and the staff is always friendly and ready to help talk customers through plant care. 

For Restaurateurs:

Alero Restaurant 2.8 miles from Campus

With a quick switch from the red to green line, students can find themselves dining at Alero Restaurant, commonly known by CUA students as Alero’s. From Monday to Sunday, the restaurant has happy hour from 3-7PM with emphasis on their $5 frozen margaritas. Alero Restaurant is a mexican restaurant that serves affordable food and drinks in a fun and lively atmosphere. 

Agua 301 5.5 miles from Campus

Located off of the water, Agua 301 has affordable and delicious food with a beautiful view during the meal. The restaurant often has happy hour and brunch deals to create a cheaper and fun atmosphere for students. Their weekend brunch menu provides bottomless mimosas for just $12 and deals on bottomless brunches. During the week, they have happy hour from 3:30PM to 7:00PM where diners can get 2 tacos for $6. With picturesque views likened to that of five-star dining, Agua 301 is great for a visually stimulating dinner that does not break the bank. 

DC Noodles 2.9 miles from Campus

DC Noodles has everything from drunken noodles to bao buns to healthy eats. This place is vegan and allergy friendly without compromising  any flavor or texture. The meals are shareable and affordable. Their highest priced entree is the Sosu Yakisoba at $19 that has plenty of food for its price and their lowest priced noodles are the delicious noodle salads and soups at around $12. Unfortunately, due to COVID, they are not available for dine-in service but pick-up and delivery is always available to help out this small business. 

The Pig 2.8 miles from Campus

Finding good and authentic BBQ in DC can be hard when so many restaurants are coming out with innovative ways to create good eats. The Pig takes classic BBQ and keeps it classic. There are plenty of options like their sticky wings, baby back ribs and their shareable smoked brisket platter to choose from. 

For Coffee and Tea Addicts:

Alchemist Coffee .8 miles from Campus

Coffee and tea is meant to be messed with, and Alchemist Coffee adds fun flares to all of it’s coffees. Their signature is nitrogen-infused coffee and tea with prices starting at $4 a cup. They have interesting and different roasts and really cool tea flavors like Summer Chai Banana Coconut Curry. This small and tucked away coffee shop really gives a cozy and authentic atmosphere. 

Sweet Science Coffee 2.2 miles from Campus

Sweet Science Coffee is self-designated hipster and perfect for a midday study break treat. This joint has a little more tea options than the Alchemist Coffee and has affordable pastries as well. They have a variety of options for when someone needs a sweet kick and caffeine break with combos like a Gingerbread Donut and a delicious Honey Sesame Cappuccino. This hidden coffee shop has their own blend and customers are embraced by the smell of tea and coffee the moment they enter the shop.

For Stationary:

Cherry Blossom Creative .3 miles from Campus

Cherry Blossom Creative initially started when Torie Partridge began designing maps for her own neighborhood. Soon, neighbors and friends wanted their own colorful maps for their own neighborhoods which later became the Neighborhood Maps Project. Cherry Blossom Creative isn’t limited to just their maps, they have journals and pens and fun stationary to fit all office essential needs. This store has had a surge in popularity and has inspired many other brands to create their own neighborhood map, although none will ever be as colorful as the original Cherry Blossom Creative maps.

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