Victorian Vitality: Corsets Making a Comeback

Image Courtesy of Elle News

By Kat Kaderabek 

It is a timeless notion that all styles will once again “come back” in the fashion industry. 80s scrunchies and 2000s bell-bottom jeans have been seen making appearances amongst the most popular influencers. 

Currently, the fashion industry has decided to take things back in time. Far back. Almost two centuries to be exact – to the Victorian era. With Netflix shows like Bridgerton and The Crown on the rise, it is no wonder that Victorian fashion is slowly coming back into style. And while hopefully the patriarchal ideals of the time stay in the 1800s, consumers have welcomed back corsets into modern fashion. 

There are several different types of corsets including underbusts, waist cinchers, pointed cinchers, demi corsets, Victorian classic “V,” Gored overbust scalloped, Elizabethan standard, and many more. With an overwhelming amount of corset types, the most popular is still the classic overbust scalloped corset. 

The possibilities with corsets are endless as they can be worn over or under clothes, styled with dresses, shirts, or standalone, and come in a wide variety of materials. The current trends boast satin corsets that add an extra sheen to every outfit. 

A more traditional and every-day corset can be found for $35 on Style Shark, which offers a white and blue floral print reminiscent of English china. This is the perfect corset for those less likely to experiment with style. It is a simple pointed corset that hooks in the front and even features shoulder straps perfect for structural support while promenading in the park. 

A corset for a more ambitious woman who has chosen to embrace the full vitality of the Victorian era can be found on Amazon for $34. This bright green, heart shaped corset is described as vintage, and would surely simulate the dressing process of Victorian women with a back that needs to be twisted, pulled, and laced tightly in order to create an hourglass figure. 

Pretty Little Thing boasts a beautiful heart-shaped corset for only $29 that features a zip up back for those not accustomed to wearing the older style. This popular corset comes in several shades of pink and neutrals. It is recommended styled with jeans and light jewelry to create a look that combines both the old and modern era.  

On sale for a limited time is a new take on the classic corset from Boohoo for only $21. This top features the traditional bust of a corset but adds off the shoulder sleeves that cascade in ruffles. This piece is perfect for dressy occasions or simply enjoying the spring. Offered in black, mauve, and champagne, the neutral colors fit in trend with the colors of current fashions while simultaneously given a nod to Queen Victoria. 

The more scandalous corset, shown wearing over a top, can be found on Princess Polly for $32. This underbust corset normally works as lingerie underneath articles of clothing. But recently, stylists have decided to invert its normal structure and use the wiring on the corsets to emphasize the bust without exposing any skin. Thus, a shirt or dress is worn underneath the underbust corset that color coordinates with the corset. 

The myriad of corsets within the industry has yet to fully be explored but will in no doubt be present within influencer circles soon. From Tiktok trends to Instagram models, the positive use of corsets has begun to be recognized and utilized once again in the fashion industry. 

Without the beheading and brutishness of the Victorian era, corsets may welcome back old ideals into a progressive society without the outdated standards. 

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