This Week in Tower History

The “This Week in Tower History” column will collect relevant, historical, or humorous excerpts from any past editions of The Tower’s 98-year-existence. Compiled by Tower editors.

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Feb. 8, 2013

  • The “Top Twit Pic” of the week, a screenshot of The Office S3:E15 in which Dwight says “Why are all of these people here? There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.” was captioned “How it feels after I walk into the pryz after a class” by @rockinoutloud97. Clearly it has not aged well.
  • Featured in Top Tweets was a tweet by @mariencullinan: “I hope the C-Store doesn’t plan to change its name as often as Diddy or Snoop Dogg/Lion/(enter other animal here). #CUA” The C-Store was the previous name of the POD, which is now called the Market.

Feb. 3, 2012

  • A front page news article focused on student reactions to the new missal at mass, which included changes from “And also with you” to “And with your spirit.”

Feb. 5, 2010

  • An article in A&E reviewed that year’s Grammys – Taylor Swift won Album of the Year for Fearless, Kings of Leon won three awards for “Use Somebody,” and Beyoncé won six Grammys, breaking a record for most Grammys won by a female artist in a single night. 

Feb. 4, 2005

  • A campus news brief noted that tickets for a Gavin DeGraw concert to be held in the DuFour Center went on sale the day before. 
  • An A&E article recommended the new movie The Wedding Date; the Sports section recommended Million Dollar Baby.

Feb. 6, 2004

  • Article “Janet and Justin: Just Another Britney and Madonna?” discussed Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction at Super Bowl XXXVIII and the subsequent FCC crackdown.

Feb. 7, 2003

  • Eight opinion pieces were published in The Tower’s opinion section (then called The Forum) in the wake of the university bookstore cancelling an event with Eleanor Holmes Norton, the D.C. delegate House of Representatives, due to her support of abortion rights.

Feb. 8, 2002

  • The front page spotlighted the men’s basketball team’s 20-game win streak, the longest active streak in NCAA basketball, the season after the Cardinals were the 2001 Division III National Champions.

Feb. 4, 1994

  • A brief titled “25 Years of Change at CU” included an aerial photograph of the campus in 1960, and mentioned new buildings which had been built since then, including Hartke Theatre (1970), the DuFour Athletic Center (1985), Hannan Hall (1987), Centennial Village (1988), and the Columbus School of Law (1994). 

Feb. 2, 1990

  • The arts and entertainment section (then called Features) predicted Oscar nominations for Driving Miss Daisy, When Harry Met Sally, and Glory.

Feb. 3, 1984

  • A front page article focused on a 6.4% tuition increase for the following 1984-1985 school year, from $6,250 to $6,650. 

Feb. 5, 1982

  • WCUA celebrated its first anniversary on air the week before (after reviving the 1950’s station in the spring of 1981.)

Feb. 2, 1979

  • A full-page article on comic book collecting opened with the line “In the past few years, the hobby of comic book collecting has spread like wildfire” and interviewed three students described as “three of the most devoted collectors on campus.”

Feb. 3, 1978

Feb. 7, 1975

  • An article focused on the major changes to sports schedules that would happen when Catholic moved to Division I of the NCAA the following year. 

Feb. 4, 1931

  • An article published eighty years ago yesterday commented on the pouring of cement for the foundation of the Basilica. 

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