Player Profile: Kevin Zimmerman

Image courtesy of CUA Football 

By Jacqueline Jedrych 

Although COVID has stifled their fall season, Catholic University Football players are still working hard to make the most of their experience at CUA. Senior mechanical engineering major Kevin Zimmerman has enjoyed his time at Catholic, which he believes has been enriched by his participation in the football program.

Hailing from Havertown, Pennsylvania, left tackle and captain Kevin Zimmerman has been playing football since he was six years old. He affectionately describes his position as, “one of the fat guys who blocks for the guys who score touchdowns,” and said as a child, he “wanted to play forever and was always a big kid that was good.”

Playing football was a big part of Zimmerman’s decision to attend CUA. After being heavily recruited by two schools, he chose Catholic in order to be able to live in D.C. while participating in a sport. 

Zimmerman regrets not participating in more extracurricular activities, citing his heavy workload, but he does appreciate the volunteer service he is able to do through the football program. He wishes he could devote more of his time to academics, but encourages student-athletes to find a balance between school, activities, and free time. 

“Balancing all the different aspects as a student-athlete is difficult,” Zimmerman said, “but with good organizational skills and communication with coaches, teachers, and friends, it becomes much easier over time. Setting yourself a good schedule and following it as close as you can to help you to succeed.”

The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the landscape of collegiate sports, forcing the NCAA to postpone all Division III athletics, aiming to hold championships in which CUA will participate in the spring season. 

“Looking at the health and safety challenges we face this fall during this unprecedented time, we had to make this tough decision to cancel championships for fall sports this academic year in the best interest of our student-athletes and member institutions,” Chair of the Presidents Council and President at Spalding, Tori Murden McClure said in the NCAA’s release. “…Moving forward, we will try to maximize the championships experience for our winter and spring sport student-athletes, who unfortunately were short-changed last academic year.”

Zimmerman advises patience for current and prospective collegiate athletes. He is optimistic that things will return to normal soon and hopes to finish his season in the spring semester. 

“Although things are not optimistic in this current situation,” he said, “sports will return to normal and there will be plenty of time during your long college careers to enjoy the sports we all love to play.”

Even with his senior season up in the air, Zimmerman is glad he chose to play at Catholic. 

“Playing football for CUA was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am so glad to have chosen to come here four years ago and have enjoyed every moment since. The coaches and players have endured through tough times, but we have done so together and that is something I will always remember and cherish.”

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