How to Cope: New Restrictions Due to COVID-19

Photo Courtesy of the University of Utah

By Renee Rasmussen

As we all continue to adapt to the changing world around us, we also may be struggling to adapt to the new restrictions put in place due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Although quarantine has been lifted and the country is slowly opening up, the world can feel more intimidating and isolated than ever. Social distancing protocols, wearing masks, and limited time in spaces can make life feel rushed and awkward. 

During this time of uncertainty, try not to get frustrated by the new restrictions. Instead, remember why these restrictions have been placed and try to follow the new rules to the best of your ability, in order to protect not just your own health but that of others who are more vulnerable in society. 

Since wearing a mask in public places is recommended in most areas, try to find a mask that is most comfortable for you. Many stores are now selling masks with lighter, more breathable material that are more comfortable for the summer heat. Try to make wearing the mask more fun by making your own, or decorating the one you already have. This way you like the mask you wear and feel more comfortable walking around with it on. Keep an extra mask in your car in case you forget to grab one before you leave your home to avoid stress or discomfort about forgetting one. 

When following social distancing protocols in stores, try to be aware of any signs directing the flow of foot traffic throughout the area. Since stores have to follow contactless rules, some may not be accepting cash as payment, so have your credit card ready. Be efficient in stores, and have a list of what you need before you go in order to let others in who may be waiting. 

While following these new recommendations, have patience with those around you and understand that everyone is learning and adapting to this new environment. Make sure to support your local restaurants whether through dine in or take out. If your favorite restaurant isn’t open at the moment, try to imitate your favorite meal with a recipe at home. 

While your favorite restaurant may not be open for dine in, or your mask may be uncomfortable, we are all learning and helping each other along the way. It can be frustrating when it feels as though these restrictions could last forever or have ruined well-made plans, but don’t give up hope. With the country reopening and quarantine lifted, it is easier now to meet up with friends and catch up in fun and safe ways. For example, plan a fun picnic or outdoor activities while buying lunch from your favorite local businesses.

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