Ways to Thrive During Quarantine: Art Edition

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By Renee Rasmussen 

While summer is almost here and the weather is beginning to warm up, much of the country is still enforcing stay-at-home orders. While it may feel as though you have exhausted every form of entertainment, and cleaned every part of your house, there are still some things left to do that can help your creative side and help you feel productive at the same time. 

One great aspect of living in Washington D.C. is the availability of free museums just a few metro stops from campus. If this dose of art and culture is something you are missing, don’t worry! Many museums are offering free virtual tours. Now is a great time to take advantage of this great opportunity to explore the many museums on your bucket list. 

If being indoors is starting to wear you down, take advantage of the outdoors in your backyard. Use this time, and good weather, to start a garden. Make it a mix of flowers and vegetables to show off to your friends on your next group Facetime call. 

Use your creative energy to make something for your friends. Friendships bracelets are an easy and classic way to show your appreciation for your friend. Send it in a letter and surprise your friends with a random act of kindness. 

Other crafts you could do could include water marble mugs. We all have those mugs in the back of the cupboard from family reunions, past vacations, or companies that could use some new decorations. If you want to spruce up your summer wardrobe, try painting or bleaching your jeans for a new, unique look. Another great thing to do could be, to cut some flowers from your new garden and dry them to add to your pen-pal letters. 

If you are looking for creative ways to spend time with friends and family, try a game of Scrabble. This classic board game may seem boring at first, but can bring out the competitive spirit in even the most gentle person. This game can be played with your family, in person, or virtually with your friends using the Scrabble app. 

Finally, if your creative outlet is photography, take a day and have a photoshoot. This can be a photoshoot of you and your family and home, you in your background in your favorite outfit, or just pictures of your favorite things. Send the pictures to your friends and family to make them smile and inspire them to do the same. 

Quarantine should not stop you from being creative. Take some time to learn a new hobby, or venture outside your comfort zone—and avoid going stir-crazy as you go into week six of the stay-at-home order. Come back to campus ready to impress your friends with all your new skills and crafts. For now though, stay home, stay safe, and keep thriving.

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