Ways to Thrive During Quarantine: Entertainment Besides Netflix

This article is part of a series in response to the SARS-CoV-2 quarantine. Read Renee’s other articles in the series here.

By Renee Rasmussen 

Another week has come and gone, but quarantine restrictions are still in place. While you may be beginning to feel cabin-fever and running out of things to do to fill the time, there are many fun activities to do from the comfort of your home. 

Looking beyond Netflix, Youtube, and other streaming services, there are many great avenues of entertainment you can take up, that can be a way for you to take mental breaks from online classes, as well as the stress self-isolating can bring.

Since all of us are home and may be many miles away from our friends, it can feel hard to stay connected with so much distance between you. Skype calls, Facetime, and texting are all a great way to do this, but how about surprising your friend with a letter? Become a pen-pal with your besties, and save the letters as proof of the quarantine for future generations. 

If you are a fan of writing, take this time to start a new journal or blog. Write about your experiences with the coronavirus, or anything else you are interested in. Or, follow the advice of Psychology Today, and read those five books you’ve been meaning to for a while. With that same theme in mind, make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do; see what you can do at home and save the rest for after quarantine to give yourself something to look forward to.

If you are looking for more hands-on entertainment, sew face masks for those in need, or learn how to knit and make your friend a scarf for Christmas. Print out your favorite pictures from this last semester and make a scrapbook filled with your favorite memories. If you want to make another one, take pictures around the house of you and your family and make a quarantine scrapbook to remember this time by.

Take some time to do some extra organizing. Go through your Spotify and update your playlists and delete the ones you don’t listen to anymore. Organize those spaces we often look over, like your sock drawer, perhaps, or under your bed. 

If you want to spend some unique quality time with your family, set up a cooking challenge! Set a timer and allow the use of only the ingredients already in your kitchen and see what everyone creates. Your family may be more of an “outdoorsy” type. In that case, set up a campsite in your backyard; put up a tent and layout sleeping bags, tell ghost stories, and create a mini-vacation from your backyard. Don’t be discouraged by the stay-at-home orders. Although it may not feel like it, there are lots of activities you and your family can do to stay busy. Take a break from online classes and screens to learn a new hobby, read a new book, or drink an extra cup of homebrewed coffee. Stay positive during these stressful times and impress your friends with your new knitting skills!

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