Weekend Election Update 3/6

Courtesy of JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

By: Jeremy Perillo

The Democratic primary has entered into a new phase following the results of Super Tuesday. With Joe Biden having a strong showing, winning 10 states, and Bernie Sanders winning big in California, the race has narrowed into a one-on-one battle to get the party nomination.

Following Super Tuesday, both Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren suspended their campaigns for the Democratic nomination. While Bloomberg threw his support behind Biden, Warren hasn’t endorsed anyone and isn’t expecting to anytime soon.

“I need some space around this and want to take a little time to think a little more,” she said outside her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Whatever ends up being Warren’s decision will make a big impact on the rest of the Democratic primaries. Her relationships with both Biden and Sanders are complicated. Like Sanders, she views herself as a progressive and is aligned very much with him. However, their relationship has become strained through some contentious interactions on and off the debate stage.

Her relationship with Biden remains at odds because of a history of ideological differences the two have had over the years. Her endorsement of Sanders could solidify the progressive bloc of the Democratic party, giving Bernie a needed push to create some distance between him and Biden.

As of the writing of this article, Biden is leading in the delegate count, coming out of Super Tuesday with roughly 531 pledged delegates. Bernie Sanders trails Biden with 468 pledged delegates. To secure the nomination of the Democratic party, a candidate needs to secure 1,991 pledged delegates.

With Super Tuesday in the purview of the two leading contenders, the focus shifts to the next primary bloc. In addition to the Democrats Abroad pledged delegates, there are 365 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, March 2nd. The largest of those states is Michigan with 125 pledged delegates.

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