The Bachelor: Pilot Pete Season Review

Courtesy of The Bachelor

By: Kat Kaderabek 

While ABC’s current season of The Bachelor promised drama and intrigue, it did not promise the headaches and eyerolls that would occur throughout Pilot Pete’s time as the bachelor. 

Peter Weber has been portrayed as the perfect man by the Bachelor franchise for the past year. Shockingly scorned by previous Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, Peter was still unexpectedly interacting with her on the show throughout the first two episodes of the season. Hannah Brown kept popping up earlier this season, and her appearance was merely a teaser to get fans interested. 

“This season so far is full of setbacks, but it seems like Peter is finally ready to find true love now,” said Junior Elise Parker. 

Now, roughly five episodes into the season, Hannah B. is surely gone, and Peter’s prospects are abysmal at best. There seems to be a lack of honesty among the women this season. Almost every member of the cast seems fake and hungry for fame. This fakeness has even been a point of contention on the show, with other girls accusing fellow women of “turning it on” for the cameras. 

The interactions between the contestants seem rather catty and, many times, unnecessarily heated. The drama which occurs isn’t even real drama and is instead dragged out episode after episode. The champagne incident has been discussed and trailer-teased since the very first episode, but the incident was short lived and pointless. There is no larger issue, merely the women being petty and bored. 

The drama seems very intentional. Suddenly, one girl does not like another and feels the need to tell Peter about it or complain about the other woman. Many of the fights come out of left field and leave the audience confused as to where this aggressive hatred stemmed from. 

This season of The Bachelor seems to be bringing out the competitiveness of all the women; moreover, there is a lack of respect for one another that previous seasons have possessed. Kelly’s cheating in the relay race went unpunished, and Kelsey’s disrespectful words to Hannah Ann were also ignored. 

Peter seems to be giving each girl too many chances. He even allowed Alayah to come back to the mansion after a big fuss was made to have her removed. Peter is indecisive and is letting others influence his decisions rather than being smart and trusting his instincts. It’s almost as frustrating as watching the girls morph themselves into the girl they believe Peter wants. 

The current crowd favorite seems to be Madi, a seemingly lovable basketball player who joined Peter at his parents’ wedding vow renewal ceremony. This event occurred very early on in the season, which seems suspicious to fans. Why would Peter bring her to such an intimate and private event? It is for this reason that many people suspect their relationship will go very far in this season of The Bachelor. Madi has also been consciously absent from the reoccurring drama in the past few episodes. 

One cringe-worthy aspect of The Bachelor that has been happening more frequently this season is the girls “opening up” to Peter. With very little conversation, several of the women have confessed personal things to him in what looks like an effort to gain sympathy or force a connection. These events seem more like tactics than authentic moments shared between two people in an attempt to find love. 

Peter’s future seems very unclear from this point in the season. His unsurety in his decisions eludes to flaws within him that could signify he is not ready for marriage, and the insignificant drama among the girls is not entertaining or promising for an exciting season. However, it is still early on in Peter’s career as The Bachelor, and there is plenty of room for turn-around. 

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