2020 Election Update

Courtesy of BBC

By Jeremy Perillo

As the nation focuses its attention on the impeachment trial unfolding in the Senate, the public eye has seemingly drifted from the 2020 election. Three candidates remain indisposed from their campaigns as they must fulfill their role as a juror in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Just because the Democrats number two and number three candidates are off the trail, for the time being, does not mean the campaigning process is brought to a halt.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson recently threw her support behind Andrew Yang and his campaign ahead of the Iowa caucuses taking place in early February.

“I am not endorsing any presidential candidate at this time; I support all the progressive candidates. I’m appearing with Andrew Yang in Fairfield because I know the institutional obstructions to his candidacy and I want to see him continue in the race past Iowa,” posted Williamson on Twitter early Thursday morning.

Her support for Yang comes as he struggles to keep afloat in the campaign, tying with Senator Amy Klobuchar for four percent in a recent CNN poll and having not qualified for the Democratic debate earlier in January. 

As the candidates continue to whittle down to its strongest members, CNN published a new poll this week putting Senator Bernie Sanders in the lead with 27% of registered voters who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents. Former Vice President Joe Biden is trailing Sailing with 24% favorability. 

Both remain well in the lead, with Senator Elizabeth Warren trailing at 14% and Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 11%. This is the first time Biden has not been ahead in the polls since him joining the candidates, and in some poles, before he was officially a candidate for president. 

Looking at the trendline in other polls shows similar results of Sanders gaining momentum. A recent Monmouth poll showed Bernie above 20% in the average poll, marking the highest point he has hit since his candidacy announcement. 

As impeachment continues, and Biden and his son continue to be mentioned by Trump and his GOP allies, Sanders looks to be the one benefiting the most, despite being off the campaign trail.

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