Society Has Room to Grow: An Op-Ed on Marco Rubio’s Catholic University Visit

Op-Ed by Michael Klein

Senator Marco Rubio arrived at campus ready to engage with students and to sell them his picture of American exceptionalism and common good capitalism on the morning of Monday, November 5. Fortunately for him, students were already in the market for his intellectual product. The prevalent theme throughout his remarks was the need for a more equal relationship between workers and businesses. Workers and businesses should thus not be competitors, but rather partners. Whereas workers should benefit from their employer’s investment in them, while the employer still enjoys profits.

The need for dignified work and a legitimate employee-employer relationship, Rubio argued, is present because there is a lack of pride within some American’s work. That even with three years of economic growth, many Americans feel forgotten being that they don’t have such a dignified job. The senator underscored the need for dignified work by showcasing how it is beneficial to society. When people have an honest job, they can commit themselves to their family and community. In the absence of this, drug use and suicide increase.

The contrast between the coasts and middle America was highlighted by Rubio. He is right in saying that cities are home to America’s elite. New York is home to the financiers, Los Angeles to the entertainers, and Washington, DC to the governmental elite. Meanwhile, middle America has its values mocked and cast off as antiquated. There is a divide in America, and Senator Rubio’s way to fix it is spot on. Valuing hard work and promoting mutual respect improves society. Purposefulness and dignity of work lead to positive communities and strong families. Strong communities lead to a strong society. 

By highlighting the importance of work, Rubio presented a success minded view for all of America. His common good capitalism recognizes the promise of Americans and the promise of America. America would benefit from his beliefs. And his personal story makes him an ideal vessel for the message. His own parents seized the American dream and he has shown that the dream is alive and well. Before receiving a strong and excited applause, Rubio mentioned the definitive greatest threat to the United States, communist China. For us to face a nation three times the size of our own, we must unite as Americans. The Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping’s leadership cares only to make China the foremost global power. The threat is greater than the Soviet Union during the Cold War. As Rubio suggested, we mustn’t leave anyone behind in the name of economic growth. To face China, we will need a united United States, so that we may embody our national motto, e pluribus unum, out of many one.

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