Tips and Tricks to Stay Motivated

By Samantha Seifert

1. Write yourself encouraging messages. Take the time to write yourself encouraging and positive messages on sticky notes. Then place the notes in various places that you look every day like your mirror or your laptop. Seeing these little notes of encouragement will brighten up your day and help encourage you to keep going.

2. Make a to-do list or an organized schedule of what to study. Having a clear schedule and sticking to it is very important to reduce some of the stress and prioritizing will help you feel as prepared as possible.

3. Take study breaks. It is best to study for an allotted period of time and then take small breaks every so often. If you are someone who likes to study all materials at once rather than for an allotted period of time, you can divide your material into different themes that will make it easier to study.

4. Read a motivational quote every day. Each day you can google motivational quotes to keep you going. There are also apps that you can download to your phone like ThinkUp and Motivation both of which give you a daily reminder to stay motivated.

5. Take time for yourself. Taking time to make sure you are well-rested and taken care of is important. Have a period of time dedicated to self-care when you can just relax and make yourself feel good.

6. Start a study group. Studying with friends is a good way to not feel alone and get help on problems that are struggling for you. Get a group of classmates in your class together for a period of time to help each other study. With the help of others, you can stay motivated and get some work done as well. 

7. Listen to motivational podcasts. Listening to motivational podcasts will help give you uplifting messages to keep you going through the hour, day, and week. Podcasts are a good thing to listen to in the background and these motivational ones will keep you encouraged for the week ahead. Some popular motivational podcasts are Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. While these are just a few, there are plenty more that can be found on Spotify or the Podcasts app.

8. Working out. After spending a long time studying you can feel overwhelmed and working out will help to get your mind off of the stress. Working out releases endorphins which will release a positive feeling in your body. This positive feeling will help make you happier and less stressed.

9. Making sure you eat well. Skipping meals when studying is not alright. You need the energy to keep studying and eating will help that. Especially eating well you are stressed will help make you and your body feel better. Plus lots of greens provide great energy and will help stimulate your brain.

10. Make a study playlist. Gathering songs that motivate you whether it is classical music or rap, will help you get motivated. Listening to music might not help everyone but if it does this is the perfect way to help you get into the mood to study.

With these stressful times ahead, just remember to stay positive and keep your eyes on the goal ahead which is passing midterms. Just remember that even though you are stressing over life, there are plenty of other people stressed out and you are not alone. Take time for yourself and keep going because you got this!

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