Consulting Club Takes off with Deloitte Senior Consultant

Stefano Bellucci ’20 speaks to the Consulting Club about its future. Courtesy of Chris Carey

By Chris Carey

On Friday, October 11, about thirty members of the newly christened Catholic University Consulting Club packed a small room in Maloney Hall to hear from Deloitte Senior Consultant Tia Bent. This was the second event for the Consulting Club this year, which sponsored this consulting workshop in tandem with the Office of Career Development at the Busch School. The workshop did well to highlight the opportunities available for CUA students in the world of consulting.

Business students took copious notes as Tia Bent, a Catholic University Alum, talked of her experiences. Speaking on her own behalf, she offered a few key pieces of advice specifically for Catholic University students who wish to begin a career in consulting.

“Empathy is the biggest thing that comes to mind,” said Bent, when asked what she would convey to the student body. “Believe in the recommendations you give, and make sure you can stand behind what you suggest.”

Bent expressed during her presentation, as well as the question and answer section, that the ability to communicate clearly, as well as a capacity to understand others, are some of the most important tools a consultant can possess.

The event, done in coordination with the Office of Career Development was organized in part by Brett LaPrad, the employee relations manager for the office.

“The value of these events, comes primarily from students making connections with alumni like Tia, to get their foot in the door,” said LaPrad. “Students also get to hear about the ins and outs about what daily life is like in these industries,” added LaPrad as he emphasized the importance of widening the worldview of the students in the Busch School.

Following the presentation, Senior Finance Major and President of the Catholic University Consulting Club, Stefano Bellucci commented on the role of the club and its future. Bellucci has always had a keen interest in consulting, and he wishes to make the career more accessible to CUA students.

“Not too many students knew about consulting or what it was, so I wanted to spread awareness and help students get into that field,” said Bellucci.

The Consulting Club currently boasts 65 members across all four classes, and the club leadership intends to keep their momentum going.

“We’ve picked it up a lot this semester, and what we’re trying to do is make a very interactive space with our members, which we call junior consultants,” said Bellucci.

The format of the club follows that of an analyst or consultant team in the real world. So called Junior Consultants are placed with E-Board members who are seen as the team leaders, and a mentor to mentee relationship often ensues.

As far as the general importance of the club, both Bellucci and the general membership see it as a fantastic opportunity to expand the outreach of the Catholic University alumni network, along with fostering a greater emphasis on consulting as a viable career path for business students.

“As an accounting major, having experience in consulting is valuable for internships and different job opportunities,” said sophomore Sheila Magrini. “The club is important to have on this campus because it has the ability to teach so much with guest speakers, company visits, and mentorship.”

The Catholic University Consulting Club strives to embrace consulting as a career, as well as to prepare students for the business world awaiting them in the future. As the club expands, look for updates regarding the members’ successes.

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