San Antonio Bar & Grill

San Antonio Bar and Grill’s main dining area. Courtesy of Noelia Veras

By Noelia Veras

Located only blocks away from Catholic University on 12th Street is a quaint Mexican restaurant called San Antonio Bar & Grill. The restaurant has an ample menu and serves authentic Tex-Mex food.

As you walk in, the bar and grill instantly transports you to what seems like a bustling city in Mexico. There are vibrant colors exuding Mexican culture and various paintings of gorgeous Mexican landscapes hanging on the walls. The restaurant itself is also significantly bigger than it looks from the outside. There are three separate dining areas: a bar, a sit down area, and a private room for special events. The restaurant also occasionally has mariachi bands and DJs play during major holidays or special events.

The San Antonio Bar & Grill has options on their menu for everyone. While there are a variety of choices that incorporate meat and dairy, there are also delicious vegetarian and vegan choices. A classic meat-lover option is the beef Mexican tacos, and for a vegetarian option the black bean burrito is a great choice. As a vegetarian myself, I tried the black bean burrito and enjoyed my meal. I was actually very worried that I would not be able to eat anything other than chips and salsa before going to San Antonio Bar & Grill so their menu definitely surprised me.

San Antonio Bar & Grill also has a wide variety of Mexican dessert. From flan to Mexican fried ice cream, the authentic and often eccentric Mexican dishes are available at this restaurant.

The prices at San Antonio Bar & Grill are reasonable for college students and the workers are very friendly. The happy hour menu from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., for example, offers beef or chicken nachos for $4.50. The waiters are very accommodating and light-hearted, often joking and conversing with customers. The atmosphere is both inviting and comfortable.

Due to the proximity of the restaurant to Catholic University, this is an ideal place to meet with friends to get off campus for a little bit. The bar and grill is only a 20 minute walk from campus and a 7 minute drive.

Everytime I go to San Antonio’s it’s always a great experience. I love the food and the people that run the place so much,” said freshman Kiera Kenneally.

Overall, if you want a new and tasteful experience this is a great place to get it. Not only does the San Antonio Bar & Grill offer delicious and exotic foods, it also provides a satisfying experience through their great customer service and vibrant atmosphere.

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