Bahama Mama Bingo

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By Rachel Stevens

Catholic University students flocked to the Pryzbyla food court for “Bahama Mama Bingo,”on Tuesday March 5, which was a beach-themed bingo night filled with hot prizes. The grand prize of the night was two tickets to see Ariana Grande in D.C.

The night started with students getting a Hawaiian lei and munching on District Taco and various “mocktails.” The options from District Taco featured chips, guacamole, and queso in addition to margarita, strawberry, and pina colada mocktails served in colorful, faux beachy cocktail glasses.

The first round of bingo started with a smaller prize called “cool for the summer,” complete with a cooler, beach towel, and sunscreen. As the rounds progressed, there were more beach-themed prizes such as a “poolside starter kit.” Then came the three rounds of prizes that were highly anticipated. An Amazon Fire Stick, Polaroid Camera with film, and two Ariana Grande tickets were up for each following round.

The rounds varied in length, but the shortest round lasted around three minutes for the Ariana Grande tickets. All eyes were fixated and concentrated on their bingo boards. The winner shrieked, “Bingo!” and clapped excitedly as the Program Board member checked her board. Once confirmed that she had won, the whole room whispered various disappointments that they had not won instead.

In between rounds, Program Board and PEERS (Peer Educators Empowering Respectful Students) teamed up to host games centered around alcohol education as a refresher for students before departing for spring break this weekend. One game involved drunk goggles and tossing balls, and the other involved a timed game of arranging drinks in order of alcohol content. In between rounds, they also passed out water bottles reminding students that if the mocktails they consumed were real, they should be alternating their drinks with water.

Senior social work major Alex Ramirez was the program board lead for this event and says that, “Since our event was a few days before spring break we wanted to have a beachy/tropical vibe to motivate students during midterms. Program Board wanted to partner with PEERS for this event because we think it is important to collab with other students orgs on campus to come together and create fun events like these. With spring break being right around the corner PEERS and PB thought that this would be a great way to promote safe spring breaking.”

The bingo night received many positive reactions from students and Program Board hopes to host more events with great prizes like this in the future.

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