Speed Debating with the College Republicans and Democrats

By Robbie Cruz

On February 13, 2019, both the Catholic University College Republicans and College Democrats joined together in the Pryzbyla center to debate current political topics. This event, named “Speed Debating,” marks the second event of the year with the two campus parties facing off. The College Republicans won the game by an extremely close final score of 11-10.

The name, “Speed Debating,” was meant to be similar to a speed dating. There were three tables, with the Democrats on one side and the Republicans on the other. Since the event was formatted to be equivalent to speed dating, the oppositions would debate for five minutes each. After the five minutes were up, the Democrats would shift one person to their right.

Before the actual debate started between the two sides, the College Republicans President, Justin Barquet and College Democrats President, Marie Erickson gave a skit of their own. In the skit, the two sides acted as if they were in an actual debate, and made made many political references. For example, Erickson made references regarding the wall, payment, and immigration. Barquet also made references regarding immigration, and taxes.

On each table, there was a wide variety of questions that were debated. These questions ranged from opinions on international trade, the crisis in Venezuela, opinions on healthcare, and President Trump’s proposed wall.

The debates appeared to be calm and collective, however, there were a few instances which led to tensions raising. The participants were able to use this event as an opportunity to learn about other student opinions and meet new people with different views.

The Catholic University Democrats are expected to meet together on Saturday, February 23 to visit Mount Vernon. The next Catholic University Republicans event is expected to be the ‘Grand Ole Banquet’ on March 23 in Heritage Hall.

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